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Celebrity moms Dawn Zulueta, Carmina Villaroel, Sen. Pia Cayetano and Tessa Prieto-Valdez are the latest endorsers of the new Breeze with ActivBleach. It was a pleasure interacting with them at a “Mommy & Me” activity recently because I’ve always wondered how famous persons like them are like as mothers. It turns out that their parenting style is not as “sheltered” as one would expect of showbiz people. Most of the time, they just let their children have fun and discover the world without much fuss.

Dawn Zulueta

The lovely Dawn (Mrs. Anton Lagdameo) revealed: ” I encourage my kids to play outdoors and be physically active. It does not only build their immune system but it also allows them to meet other kids. Mostly, it boils down to letting them experience the same fun we had when we were small. Parents nowadays want their kids to stay indoors with just TV and games and that’s not so good.”


Carmina Villaroel, a proud mom to twins Cassy and Mavvy, declares “laking kalye ako, hindi lang halata, that’s why I want my two kids to have the kind of childhood that I have. I let them do what they want – play with their friends, play with our dogs, ride a bike, go swimming….”

“I was more protective when they were little. Like typical moms I would say, ‘Wag kasi madumi,’ but after a while I let them be. And they also need to learn. They also need to experience na madapa o masugatan because that’s how they learn,” Carmina states.

Tessa & Annie

Another cool mom is socialite Tessa Prieto (shown in photo with PR doyenne Ms. Annie Ringor). Her children were born practically decades apart and she’s thankful because this allowed her to spend as much time for each of her kid. Despite the age gap and different preferences, her kids all had their share of being outdoors and pursuing their own interests. They also go to the beach during most weekends because her children are so much into wakeboarding.

Sen. Pia Cayetano

Sen. Pia Cayetano has always been an outdoor person and it’s no wonder that her kids inherited her love for the active lifestyle. “My two girls play football in school so they really get dirty and my youngest, who is only two years old, seems following the footsteps of her ate’s. Hangga’t kaya, gusto ko nakakalaro talaga sa labas ang mga anak ko because they need to explore. I don’t mind them getting dirty, not at all. And I think they will miss out so much on their childhood kapag masyadong maraming bawal.”

Everything couldn’t be truer, right? Thankfully, with the new superior formulation in Breeze with ActivBleach moms can now let their kids enjoy life to the fullest because the detergent can handle even the toughest stains. It uses 4-enzyme technology that removes more stains, and a patented whitening agent that brings perceivable whiteness right after the first wash.A unique AD system was also added for better bula, while special melamine encaps ensure better fragrance delivery and keep laundry smelling fresh and clean. I’ve tried the product already for washing our household’s mountain of clothes and I have to say it’s tops. With a product like this, my little Lucy can play all she wants, when she wants 😉

Lucy @ play

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