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The beauty of globalization and how Manila’s landscape has changed! These days, we don’t need to fly to our great neighbors Singapore, Malaysia or Vietnam to taste their food, thanks to foreign entrepreneurs who have either settled or invested in the Philippines’ bustling food scene. Methinks food is still infinitely better in the country of origin but there’s no harm trying a good enough version of pho, spring roll, nasi lemak or prawn paste chicken when the craving hits.

my singapore food street

My Singapore Food Street is a new sprawling food outlet found in SM Megamall’s 2nd Level Bridgeway. Its diverse menu and affordability of the dishes echo the offerings of Singapore’s famed hawker centers.

hainanese chicken

We were invited to try the food here recently and of course, one of the first things we tasted was their Hainanese Chicken Rice – it’s the yardstick by which these Singaporean specialty restaurants are judged. For this dish, they have a rice topping of only P99 as well as quarter, half and whole chicken. We had the Hainanese Chicken Meal (P195) which was enough to assuage my hunger that lunchtime, with its ample portion and taste. The rice just need to have more “oomph” in it but otherwise the meat and the sauces were tasty.

In my opinion, the best dish I had was their laksa (P185) – that iconic Peranakan dish consisting of noodles over a hot soup made from coconut milk and curry paste, among other ingredients. It was simply delicious!


Am a barbecue lover and glorious satay (especially chicken) is something I cannot refuse, especially when served with its delectable peanut sauce.


Char Kway Teow (P195) – a dish I can spell but cannot pronounce like a true Singaporean. This dish reminds me of pad thai (because of its noodles) or even our local pancit but the soy taste is more pronounced. I also like the abundance of toppings – sliced fish cake, shrimp, Chinese sausage and veggies.

char kway teow

The menu is quite extensive and believe it or not, you can fill your tummy here for P50 (kaya toast) to P150 (rice dishes like nasi goreng, chicken curry & lemon fish etc.)

The people behind My Singapore Food Street are beauteous Singaporean model & emcee Vivien Tan as well as Jean Henri Lhuillier, the husband of former gymnast Bea Lucero who is also the Chairman of the Board of Global Restaurant Concepts (franchise holder of CPK, IHOP etc).

vivien tan


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  1. U8mypinkcookies says:

    Oh my! Super yummy Singaporean food. I will try that.

  2. Ann Sanchez says:

    Orchard Road was in the same location in Megamall where “My Singapore Food Street” resides.

    Orchard Road was own and run vivian Tan, and again, this one is also own by the same person.

    So, “My Singapore Food Street” is basically a new name for orchard Road. No wonder the food taste the same as before.

  3. Ann Sanchez says:

    I am a regular cutomer at Nasi Lemak at Robinsons Galleria, their food is most authentic.

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