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For this southern belle to make a quick trip to Quezon City, it has to be something exciting and important. Exciting was more like it because the person who extended the invite (fellow blogger Rowena) talked about this new place called Grandmomma’s Kitchen which was offering American comfort food like mac n’ cheese, roast chicken, burgers, baby back ribs and biscuits with jam or honey . It turns out that was just the beginning.

The resto’s location at Il Terrazzo Mall in Tomas Morato immediately warmed up to me with its homey country-style interiors and interesting decor.I really liked how pleasing everything was to the eye, even though the place was relatively small.

Grandmomma's Kitchen interiors

It was fun meeting the young owners Angel Pelayo-Ty who studied at the Harvard Business School (yes, that one!) and Christian Gadia who graduated from culinary school. Together, they’ve pooled together their talents and ideas for the maiden venture.

Grandmomma's Kitchen owners

I liked how organized the kitchen was because a couple of mouthwatering dishes came out one after another, leaving us no time to feel hunger pangs.The duo of tomato basil (P80) and spiced pumpkin (P80) soups tasted as appetizing as they looked and were really comforting.

grandmomma's soups

We munched on the appetizer of potato croquettes with garlic aioli (P135) as our small “tasting” group caught up on the latest stories. I was beginning to like Grandmomma’s because it’s good, and their prices are really affordable. The only hitch is that their location is too far away from me, but hopefully they’ll expand??


My seatmate Michelle offered me as well this breakfast pizza (not on the menu but something you can request). I got a slice if only for the novelty.I haven’t tried pizza with a topping of bacon, spinach and sunny side up egg before. It looked so attractive this way…

breakfast pizza

For the main course, I had the roast beef with mushroom gravy. It was the priciest meal in the house at P410 a serving probably because of all the effort in making it. First, the meat is marinated overnight and then smoked in applewood. Because the flavors were natural, it didn’t overwhelm the taste buds (am quite wary of “delicious food” these days as it probably contains a lot of sodium, MSG and what-have-you). So yes, this was just right for me and all the more so because the roast beef was fork-tender. Paired with smashed potatoes and a siding of veggies, it was the ultimate comfort food.

Grandmomma's roast beef

P.S. I tasted the roasted chicken and it’s something I would recommend as well. Good flavors seeped right into the meat.

Of course, it’s best to end your meal at Grandmomma’s Kitchen with either brewed coffee (P75) or tea (P90 a pot). Pair your hot drinks with any selection from their line-up of desserts. You’re bound to go home with good memories 🙂

We had a taste of Aunt Betty’s caramel cake (P145) and key lime pie 9P125). The former was dense and good but most of us preferred the latter because of its more pronounced citrus taste.

grandmomma's desserts

Grandmomma's Kitchen

Grandmomma’s Kitchen
Ground Floor Il Terrazzo Bldg.
Tomas Morato corn. Scout Madrinan, Quezon City

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