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By now, am a veteran of portable chargers and have tried a number of brands already. Mobility is mainly the reason why you’d want this gadget.I like using the internet and uploading to my social networks but it’s a dampener when when the old phone battery of my (antiquated) Samsung S2 dies on me while on coverage or on the road. Hence, a travel charger is a great savior.


The Inboosta Travel booster is so far the best of the portable chargers I’ve tried. It has solid construction, is very easy to use and its appearance is definitely eye candy. The review unit I got came in a bright pop of pink which made it very attractive to whoever saw it. This is all part of the brand’s IB4400 Rainbow Series where the charger colors come in lovely shades like fuschia, neon green, yellow, white and tiffany blue.

Inboosta colors


Gone are the days when a boxed charger like this will scare technophobes.The good thing with this Inboosta is that it was pre-charged so I was able to use it immediately even when fresh out of the box. Just connect one end of the USB cable to the charger and the other end to your phone (while using any of the micro USB adaptors available), turn on the buttons in front of the gadgets which will light up to signify that you’re now powered on. I love the fact that even while this Inboosta looks heavy, it was a breeze carrying it around. The charger is not just for smartphones but also for tablets, handheld game devices, music players and others.

Inboosta portable charger

Once the power drains out, just connect the cable to your computer again to get some juice. Ideally, you should charge for eight hours or overnight and in return, you will get portable power of approximately 240 minutes.

Overall, I’d give the Inboosta Travel Booster a thumbs up. I consider it the best in class among similar products at the moment. Available at a price of P2,490 in the following stores:

Digital Hub
Digital Walker
Beyond the Box
Banana Telecom

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