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Blackberry Z10 launch

Had my first glance of the new BlackBerry Z10 the other day which BB fans can now reserve at www.buybb10.com before its availability on March 19.Announced retail price is at a high-end P29,990 although this is expected to be bundled up with plans by Smart, Globe & Sun. What can I say … ’twas my first time to see a Blackberry without the physical QWERTY keyboard that the brand is known for. This one is all multi-touch!

Features to watch out for in this smartphone:

Lotsa power under the hood with Qualcomm S4 Plus dual core processor

2 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and 16GB of internal storage


8 MP rear camera with a TimeShift feature that lets you choose the best out of the many frames taken in a single shot

4.2 inches screen display with 355 pixels per inch for extra vivid colors

Weight: 137.5 grams

Dimensions: 66 mm (width), 130 mm (height), 9mm (thinness)

The Z10 is powered by Blackberry 10, the “re-designed and re-engineered” BB platform that is supposed to be faster, smoother and more responsive.New features include the all-new browser, a cool predictive keyboard, the Blackberry Balance technology separating work applications from personal content, and the BB Safeguard technology for enhanced security, among others.

Of course, there’s also BlackBerry World with 70,000 apps but we think this is way, way behind Google and Apple with more than half a million apps in the market, thus providing a vast ocean of selection for its users.

We wish BlackBerry good luck for this product. Seen at the launch (from left): BB endorser Borgy Manotoc, BB Country Director for the Philippines Cameron Vernest, and Kristian Salvo, BlackBerry Philippines Business Manager.

Blackberry Z10 launch

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