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As a blogger, am lucky enough to be a recipient of home deliveries – from fried chicken to J.Co Donuts and even household products. There are rare times, however, when the courier comes in full costume. I remember one time when my youngest daughter Lucia got scared of Incredible Hulk.A few weeks ago, there was a tall & pretty girl in Swiss costume who arrived at the gate carrying a wooden bucket.I was unfortunately in the office. Home alone (again) were Lucia and her yaya-since-birth.

(photo courtesy of Bright Idea Events Management)

Alpenliebe delivery

Our perky toddler chirped: “what’s that, what’s that?”

And the smiling, tall girl replied: “Hello there, we’re from Alpenliebe and we’re here to deliver some candies.”

I should have been there that moment because for sure, my child’s face lit up. She loves her sweets, never mind that this mom always worries about the beating her baby teeth will get. She probably thought right then that the lovely Alpenliebe girl was her fairy godmother 🙂


From Perfetti Van Melle – the maker of popular sweets like Chupa Chups, Mentos and Fruittella – comes now Alpenliebe Candy which recalls to mind the creamy milk reminiscent of the mountains and snowy alps of Europe. It has a very smooth and silky finish and comes in two flavors: Caramel and Strawberry.A bag is filled with 50 candies, making it good enough for sharing with friends and family.

Our little girl certainly loved her candies. Thank you Van Melle!


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