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It was my first time to fly with SEAIR during my recent trip to Hong Kong. I haven’t even flown domestic with them. The amiable PR, Jingjing Romero, assured me “no air pockets!” and true enough, the experience I had was smooth and pleasant. It helped that weather conditions were good too.


SEAIR uses the Airbus A320 for its regional flights to Southeast Asia. It has the official tourism slogan More Fun in the Philippines proudly emblazoned in its body.

SEAIR as a low cost carrier has a tie-up with Tiger Airways (in fact, I think Tiger owns the former already). So if you’re trying to book online for cheap flights to HK, Singapore, or Bangkok, you can do so either at the flyseair.com or Tiger Airways website. We’ve looked around and this airline comes out the cheapest for last-minute bookings to Hong Kong (around $100-$150, inclusive of taxes)… even beating Air Asia, Cebu Pacific or Dragon Air. But if you’re like me and coming from Manila, the only disadvantage is that you’ll be flying out of the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Pampanga which is two hours away!

With their mini skirts, we think SEAIR stewardesses have the best va-va-view among the flight attendants in town. Raise if your hands if you agree! It takes a slim body and long legs to pull off this one, and she did! 🙂

inside @flyseair

Anyway, I think I will always be flying Filipino-owned airlines (even if low-cost) because I believe that Philippine pilots are the best! A friend thinks it all comes from their local training of dealing with all kinds of runways – some short or hilly or dangerous.

Going home from Hong Kong to Manila, our flight was a bit delayed by almost an hour but it seems that the pilot made up for it by flying home in one hour 20 minutes…. would you believe??!!

Until the next flight! 🙂

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