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brotzeit at night

When I posted a photo in Facebook of the mouthwatering sausage I ate at the first Philippine branch of Brotzeit in Shang-ri La Mall, a friend asked “there is now Brotzeit in Manila??”

I was amused considering that I never encountered this beer bar and restaurant in my travels throughout Asia. Not in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Thailand where it has also set up shop. But apparently, if you’re more well-exposed than me to the bar scene “globally”, then you will be familiar with Brotzeit. I rest my case. Prost! 🙂

In a nutshell, here’s what could be found in the Brotzeit menu: German (or shall we say Bavarian) specialty dishes, desserts and of course, the world-famous German beers. We were informed that”Brotzeit” is a traditional Bavarian expression for a small meal or snack always
accompanied by fresh, pure beer.


I don’t know what small meal means to the Germans because somebody planked down this hefty plate of currywurst (P430) as my main course the moment I sat in. The chili-curry sauce that was slathered on the sausage wasn’t much to my liking but everything else was good.I will never refuse deli meat, and what is Bavarian food without potatoes? (Hence, the fried wedges you see in the photo)


The individual bowl of Goulash soup (P270) was enough to sate me. I swear if I was in diet mode and would be entitled to only one dish that night, this would be it. So hearty, filling and full of flavor!

Spanky cuts the pork knuckle

Our friend Spanky cuts the Schweinshaxe or the German Pork knuckle which is similar to the Philippines’ own crispy pata. The big difference with the Bavarian version at Brotzeit is that this one is not deep-fried but baked until the skin has attained the desired crispiness. I have fond memories of tasting an authentic version of Schweinshaxe in a German pub during my one and only visit to Cologne (Koln) in ’02. Wish I can go there again! 😉


This was what’s left of the huge plate of Spätzle (P580). These are egg noodles of soft and creamy texture mixed with grated cheese and topped with rings of fried onion.

Other dishes:

Crunchy Chicken Salad (P295 for single serving) – good enough as a meal on its own, we think since it has chicken fillet, creamy boiled potatoes, tomatoes, sweet corn and cucumbers. Tossed in pumpkin seed oil and the house dressing.

apple strudel

What could be more classic than a dessert of Apple Strudel, even made more sinful with a pairing of vanilla ice cream? This one is filling in itself with cinnamon, raisins, chopped walnuts and of course baking apples. So instead of having German beer, I ordered their brewed coffee (but of course!) to go with the strudel 🙂

About Brotzeit: It is actually a Singaporean brand conceived in 2006 to introduce authentic Bavarian cuisine accompanied by world famous quality German beers to the Asia Pacific region. It was conceptualized by a group of Germans and Austrians living in Singapore who wanted to bring the Bavarian culinary experience to Asia, via cuisine, beverage and atmosphere.

Address: Street level, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Tel. Nos. 631-1489, 668-4325
website: www.brotzeit.ph

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