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Can you really be mad for garlic? I am. As a true-blooded Filipino, I love garlic rice and I cannot eat adobo without garlic. Every dish I cook that needs sauteing simply has to have it .. oodles of bawang… the more, the better!

Mad for Garlic BGC

But yes, there’s a new restaurant in town that’s really called Mad for Garlic (from the same company that brought IHOP, Gyu Kaku and CPK to Manila.) Its proponents describe MFG as Korean mixed with Italian. Quite an unlikely marriage I know, but judging from our taste test recently, it’s worth trying.

Mad for Garlic BGC

Because it’s a foreign franchise and they use only quality ingredients, the prices can be on the high side. So if you’re a first timer, I recommend the Dancing Salsa Rice with Steak. For only P295, this dish is enough to fill you up and provides the best bang for your buck. Big serving and the beef slices are tender and flavorful due to the wine marination.Moreover, the dish comes complete with veggies and fried egg.

Remember to tell the server to mix it all up for you!

Mad for Garlic BGC

The house bestseller is the Garlic Snowing Pizza (P545). A topping of fried sliced garlic…I don’t know why nobody has thought of it before? But the secret really is the resto’s special garlic sauce which makes it all addicting, what more with extra toppings of shrimp and sliced pineapple. Yum!

Garlic Pizza

The Gorgonzola Pizza (P475) was another item to try. I like this cheese, it’s really so tasty and what makes this unique is the honey sauce that you can dip your pizza with.

Gorgonzola pizza

Prior to the pizzas and the sizzling steak, we had this delicious appetizer that was served in what looked like a muffin pan (but not!). Dracula Killer (P195) consists of garlic cloves cooked in olive oil & anchovies, and surrounded with the resto’s soft garlic bread which was really good.

Mad for Garlic BGC

I couldn’t have enough of their heavenly bread and had to ask for more. This is their Garlic Pane (two pieces for P75) with sinful butter on top and a soft, flaky crust.

Mad for Garlic BGC

The Creamy Chicken Popcorn Pasta (P395) was one delightful dish. It proved tasty with its mix of Korean soy sauce + cream. I just wish they had more chicken chunks for this.

Mad for Garlic BGC

Those who want to indulge should try the Tutto Mushroom Salad. At P665 per serving, it’s more expensive compared to the Caesar Salad (P275) offered in-house. However, the scrumptious treat of three kinds of mushroom with its own tasty teriyaki sauce was enough to convert me to vegetarianism for the day. I munched on the arugula, the grilled pepper plus asparagus that went with the salad and thought for a bit about becoming a blogging advocate for PETA or following in Alicia Silverstone’s footsteps 🙂

Mushroom salad

…… only then did I realize that the garlic has made me mad indeed. I will love my salad but cannot be a vegetarian even if I wanted to 😉

To go with your meal, try the Wine_Ade, a refreshing blend of red wine & soda (P170). For dessert, there’s the Mad for Garlic Special Garlic Ice Cream (!!) Served with crunchy Garlic Cookie.

Mad for Garlic BGC

Mad for Garlic
W Global Center
Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Open 11 am everyday

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