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In the ideal world, wouldn’t it be nice if the people we elect into public office responded to our Facebook rants, added us on LinkedIn or tweeted using our @username. At least it would give some semblance that he/she is in touch with the real world where everyone is net-connected.

Of the senatorial candidates at present, JV Ejercito Estrada is proud to be a true-blue netizen. He’s positive about building up a legacy of active online engagement with 102,480 followers on his Facebook account and 20,837 on Twitter. His father, Erap Estrada, has a Klout score of 83 but JV isn’t far behind with a score of 74.

jv ejercito, joey salceda & migs zubiri
In photo: JV (left) with Gov. Joey Salceda of Albay and fellow UNA senatorial candidate Migs Zubiri

JV can often be found tweeting his reply when asked about the issues of the day. Of the recent survey results showing him to be on the top 5 or top 7 of leading senatoriables, he had this to say on his Twitter: “I am still thankful that I am in the winning circle in the latest SWS-BW survey. This survey period was when my political ads went off the air because of financial reasons. Still lucky to be in the magic 12 in spite of the problems we in the opposition encounter.”

JV’s handlers say an Estrada win means the netizens will have a very active voice in the Senate, as he has established a record for action in Congress as a fighter and a results-oriented legislator.As San Juan City representative, JV was at the forefront of key issues, from pushing for higher budgets for State Universities and Colleges to the final crafting and passage of the Kasambahay Bill to the sustained effort to have the Freedom of Information Act signed by the President.

JV’s social network presence is part of his means of connecting with his constituents, and staying in touch with the pulse of the citizenry, especially the youth. He said being an active netizen enables him to be up to date with the latest trends and other developments concerning young people.

“Youth development is one of my advocacies as a public servant. So being able to interact with students on a daily basis through Twitter and Facebook allows me to identify their needs and help them,” the younger Estrada noted.

JV Ejercito on Facebook
Twitter @jvejercito
Official website at www.jvestrada.com

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