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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker fans (like me) will be thrilled with this piece of news from our friends in SM Store:

“Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in Manila at exactly 6:45pm last night. She was a surprisingly simple and down-to-earth, she even lined up at immigration herself!

She was quickly whisked away and slipped into her limo but as soon as she got to her hotel, she took time to saying Hi to everyone and even stopped to admire the musicians playing at the hotel. As soon as the quartet was done with their rendition of “New York, New York”, she applauded the quartet and exclaimed “Wonderful!”

“She is one of the sweetest and most wonderful Hollywood celebrities in the world! She was really friendly and sincere.” , says the SM Store’s Senior Manager for Digital Marketing, Jason Alvarez.

Sarah Jessica Parker is in the country for the blessing of The SM Store Aura tomorrow, May 16.

Sarah Jessica Parker at the opening of The SM Store at SM Aura Premier – now that’s great fashion news!

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