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Have you seen the latest Jollibee commercial? I like how they compared the goodness of Chickenjoy with the virtues of the Filipino family.

“Walang kasing saya ng pamilyang Pinoy. Pinakamalutong ang hagikhikan… pinaka juicy ang kwentuhan… pinakamasarap ang lambingan. Kaya naman the best ang saya pag nagsasama-sama. Best-tasting, crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy. Para sa pamilyang Pinoy!”


Somehow, grammar Nazis can forgive Jollibee for including “crispylicious, juicylicious” in our vocabulary. I guess they’re entitled to it for coming up with the Philippines’ most popular fried chicken which you will surely crave no matter what part of the world you are.Of course, it also helps that the one doing the narration for this TVC is top singer & actress Sarah Geronimo who we really enjoyed as Laida in the most kilig movie of the year, “It Takes a Man and a Woman.” 😉

Anyway, am biased because the jolly bee is (literally!) the first figure my children looked up to while growing up. Whenever we drive by the highway or pass by the mall, they’d naturally blurt out the “J” word with glee. My youngest Lucia is no exception. Her ability to scream “Jollibee! Jollibee!” with a passion no doubt makes here 100% Pinoy in heart and spirit.

Lucia & Jollibee

Chickenjoy with spaghetti is a favorite of her and her ate Dionne.


Dionne & Lucy

So yes, those ad people weren’t lying when they likened Jollibee to the laughter & affection shared by Filipino families. Because somehow, Jollibee – the national icon – binds everyone together in a celebration of love and food.

Here’s a candid shot of a mother and her son taken at the Mall of Asia last Sunday:


Jollibee crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy…. bring it on! Thanks Jollibee for the Mother’s Day gift 🙂

The chicken bucket package

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