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BearCatWarehouse.com sells a ton of gear for home patrol systems. They have amazing surveillance camera systems for an affordable price, and they have a bevy of different scanners.

Ultimately, people find Uniden home patrol scanners at BearCatWarehouse.com for the best prices. These units have all the bells and whistles, and they will most likely replace your current system.

While you may know people who own up to 10 or more scanners to listen on different channels, you really only need one Uniden police scanner to listen in on 500 different channels in 10 banks. They also have a built in clock, alarm and NOAA weather alert system.

With a service search, lockout priority channel, volume control, squelch control and full frequency LCD display, it’s easy to see why so many neighborhood watch teams and storm chasers use the Uniden scanner for their systems.

For long road trips, you may also want to invest in a handheld or racing scanner. These are handy when you want to listen in on police channels clearly. You can hear police activity as well as a variety of other channels, including traffic and weather. The Uniden handheld scanner features a telescopic antenna, AM loop antenna and a powerful adapter built for capability with car systems, so you can run the scanner on the go. In addition, BearCatWarehouse.com offers the cheapest prices on accessories, such as scanner base stations, and you get a one year warranty. Uniden scanners provide for everything that you would get with multiple scanners.

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