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Art Basel 2013 was the “it” event in Hong Kong last week but the majority remained crazy about industrial pc and the giant rubber duck that’s been positioned in Victoria Harbor since May 2. Towering at 54 feet, it is a travelling art installation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and is slated to visit the US next after previous visits to Osaka, France, Sydney, Auckland and Sao Paulo.

Was lucky enough to be in the territory and I admit it makes for a spectacular sight, especially when placed amidst a backdrop of HK’s famous skyline 😉


I was imagining our Manila Bay can experience much-needed revival if we have something like this in the waters. Beautiful sunset and rubber duckie make a great pair. Paging corporate donors and Mr. Hofman 🙂


Close ups of the duck. The trick is finding the best position from which to take pictures as the whole place is crowded, especially on weekends. You can find the installation right beside the Star Ferry Terminal and in front of the Harbour City Mall (Kowloon side)

The yellow duckie

Duck - close up

On ground, there are more rubber duckie miniatures for people to pose for pictures in. I don’t understand all the frenzy but hey, it’s nice to be a child again!



Catch the madness until June 9!

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