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Are you one of those who think that online shopping will be the norm 8-10 years from now? I do. That’s why I view with great interest start-ups like galleon.ph. It is an e-commerce website specializing in products that are unique and still unavailable in the Philippines. The owners seem to say: believe it or not, in this age of Made in China, it’s possible!

I took an initial look at the site and found it to be well-curated. I also get the impression that it’s suited for the discerning, well-heeled shopper. How else can you classify it if a Breitling watch is on sale for P219,246? As always, it’s better to look around first and compare prices. Delivery for ordered Galleon items usually take 10-15 days and payment gateway is through Paypal.

Because am a woman (and mom!), I browsed around their categories related to Beauty, Home Kitchen, Baby Products, Grocery & Gourmet Food (but no Biscoff?) Here are some interesting items I spotted …. they’re only a few because the pages were loading slow (dunno if it’s their system or my SmartBro provider 🙂

Ride-On Carry-on … a brilliant way to transport kids when travelling – P5,507


LED Light Multi-Color Changing Shower Head – P2,306


Clip-on Hair Crystals – P665


All images from galleon.ph website

I saw a lot of stuff for the males too like tools, video games & automotive products but I didn’t look much. Check it out! 😉


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