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Lucky Chinatown in Binondo is one mall I like going because it gives me the comfort of organized shopping while at the same time being just next door to the bargain haven that is Divisoria. Thankfully, it is very easy to go here (and free at that!) If you are not underaged, just sign up as a Resorts World member and their shuttles will take you to Lucky Chinatown every 30 minutes or so, even until the wee hours of the morning!

Anyway, we went to Lucky Chinatown for the first anniversary of the mall’s bestselling Chinese resto, King Chef Seafood Restaurant which is located on the 2nd floor. I missed King Chef when it opened in Banawe, QC so I made sure to attend this one.

King Chef

I’ve already heard a lot of positive feedback about the place, and indeed it was from the moment they laid down the first course: assorted cold cuts combination. Included in this platter were tasty slices of crispy suckling pig, barbecued roast pork, jellyfish with century egg and soyed chicken best paired with the variety of dipping sauces served on the table.


Up next: the waiter started spooning individual servings of the green-colored Dumplings in Seafood Spinach Soup (P540 for medium). It tasted as delicious as it looked! But my tummy was already warning me to pace my eating as there were still nine kinds of food to be served from this 11-course lauriat. Thankfully, there’s no fried rice in the line up 🙂

King Chef

Confession: deep-fried spare ribs is one of my fave things to order in a Chinese restaurant and King Chef’s version that is mixed with eight spices is an excellent one. In fact, this proved to be my favorite from the menu ( and made me crave for rice… ouch) It was simply flavorful and had the right crunch from being fried perfectly.

King Chef

Another great dish was the Stir-Fried Kung Pao Chicken mixed with peanuts, vegetables, onions and bell peppers. It had a delish sauce but not too spicy.

King Chef

I don’t know why this called this the Typhoon Shelter Crabs, but this is one dish you can’t possibly pass up on if you’re a seafood lover. I make sure to dip the crab meat with vinegar 😉

King Chef

One of the resto’s bestsellers is the Fried King Fish in Mango Sauce. But I thought the rich-tasting sauce overpowered the real taste of the fish. I’d rather have my fish plain and mildly-seasoned, thank you.

King Chef

Birthday noodles! In Chinese restaurants here, you’d know it’s the birthday one if it has quail eggs. As with their other dishes, the King Chef version doesn’t scrimp on ingredients and is generously portioned.

Birthday noodles @ King Chef

A unique offering in the menu is the Stuffed Eggplant in Japanese Sauce which is a favorite of their celebrity diners. Inside this masterfully-prepared dish is fish meat.

King Chef

Deep-fried suahe with salted egg

King Chef

Mango balls for dessert.

Mango balls

For couple Marites Apiado and Michael Chan-Ang, success comes in two eight-letter words. King Chef, they’re proud to say, is the place to go for excellent service, great-tasting food with big servings at a friendly price. And this is what keeps their diners coming in competitive Chinatown where a lot of good Chinese restos abound.

King Chef owners

King Chef Seafood Restaurant
2nd Floor Lucky Chinatown
Reina Regente cor. La Chambre Sts.
Binondo, Manila

Tel. Nos. 720-8594, 466-5765

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