Bianca Gonzalez shares quick beauty fixes

Bianca Gonzalez for Close Up White Now

We’ve been seeing a lot of multimedia personality Bianca Gonzalez as an endorser which is a good sign. This can only mean that the local beauty market is waking up and is ready to accept a beautiful brown-skinned Filipina (as opposed to the usual mestiza stereotype dominating the modelling industry).

For her latest venture, Bianca is being backed up by no less than leading toothpaste label Close Up which has chosen her to be the brand ambassador for their White Now instant whitening toothpaste.I’ve been using this product for months now and can attest to its positive effects. It also doesn’t cause breakouts on my face (particularly lower mouth) like the other whitening brands. So yes, we agree with Bianca that Close Up White now is indeed one good beauty fix.

Ever wonder what are Bianca’s other secrets for staying fashionable and beautiful? We got to corner her at The Conservatory of The Peninsula Manila to share her secrets. Read more after the jump –

Beauty Essentials

1. Bianca can’t live without lip liner. “I love it for long-lasting, vibrant red lips. For me it works a lot better than lipstick.” Her lip beauty ritual goes like this: apply a soothing balm first, like Burt’s Bees; then draw on the liner on the edges of lips. Finish off with lipstick. She prefers a reddish color.

2. She keeps a bottle of facial spray to keep her skin hydrated and help cool off on a hot day.

3. Using a green concealer is one thing not everybody knows about. Look for Bloom Secret Weapon Concealer Kit in stores like The Beauty Bar.Says Bianca: “Green concealer is best when covering up pimples. It’s about color science really. When you mix a green concealer on a red blemish, it combines to make a neutral color.”

4. Her favorite scent to spritz on is Bulgari Omnia.

Bianca Gonzalez

When it comes to staying fashionable, Bianca sticks to classics like her sunglasses of choice, the RayBan Aviator.

She also recommends women to stock up on a nice pair of blazers and heels to prop up their confidence.

Bianca believes, however, that essential in completing any look is a killer smile. “It’s always important to wear a smile in whatever outfit you decide. Because it just shows how confident you are with yourself, and for me confidence is very important.”

View Bianca’s recommended beauty fixes on CloseUp’s Youtube ( and the CloseUp website ( starting June 21.

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