Review: Chanel CC Cream is love!

I’ve been using BB (blemish base) cream since 2010 but with all the emerging talk about a new product variation, decided to switch to CC (color control) cream in March this year. This was via the Chanel CC Cream which I bought for HKD400 (approximately P2,000) at the Chanel cosmetics counter in Hong Kong International Airport. I have to admit this is a bit expensive, but nothing can prevent a girl from ever trying something… tee hee. The last time I checked, Chanel CC was still out of stock in Rustan’s (where it retails for something like P2,850) but am seeing cheaper offerings from brands like Tony Moly & Nature Republic in local stores for less than a thousand pesos.

Chanel CC cream

First impressions: Chanel CC is the nicest-smelling of the creams I tried! It’s light on the face with a matte, powdery finish that blends easily with my skin. I use it these days as a liquid foundation-cum-concealer and it’s enough to get me through the day with minimum touch-ups. I like to think am blessed with good facial skin but more of my friends seem to be noticing how it’s glowing. So the effect must be positive πŸ™‚

cc cream review

Chanel CC (or Complete Correction, as the box says) comes in a 30ml tube and is Made in France.It has an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 which means it’s good enough to protect one from the sun. Am interested with Chanel’s claim that they formulated this product to address “the precise needs of Asian women in terms of flawless skin.” So if you’re Caucasian or some other, I doubt if this would work otherwise.

I normally squeeze a pea-sized amount on the back of my left hand and proceed to apply the make up by putting dots on certain points of the face and spreading it out.Chanel recommends using your fingertips (a clean one, of course) rather than a foundation brush. Because am a no-frills lady, I find the whole process laborious but worth the 10 minutes it takes me each morning.Afterwards, I finish off with a pat of powder foundation (spell la-bo-rious!)

CC application

CC application

Some of the ingredients that Chanel has listed for its CC cream are the following: cornflower water to soothe sensitive skin; hyaluronic acid to retain the skin’s moisture levels; the Rejuvencia ingredient which is derived from a marine micro-organism to prevent against “external aggressions” (whatever it means) and SPF 30/PA+++ sun filters to block UVA-UVB rays that cause aging.

I have to admit that I tried this CC cream just for kicks and out of curiosity. Though I feel it’s lighter on the face than the last BB cream I used. It also seems to pose a better skin care promise and higher sun protection factor.

The only thing working against the CC now is its higher price, so that if you’re happy with your BB cream, you probably won’t budge. But your guess is as good as mine that CC cream will be the next wave in make-up and maybe BB will just become a memory (until of course CC is bumped off by DD or whatever they invent next πŸ™‚

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