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Long before the entry of IHOP, PF Chang’s and the whole lot of them, there was California Pizza Kitchen. For the record, CPK has been existing for 16 years in the Philippines…what a feat! To celebrate this milestone, CPK is bringing back five original pizzas that first made waves in both the US and Manila. Now they’re made even better with CPK’s new hand-tossed pizza dough for that true Italian touch, but with a California twist when it comes to flavors.

Take a blast from the past with CPK’s original Peking Duck Pizza, Tostada Chicken Pizza, Goat Cheese Pizza, Santa Fe Chicken Pizza and Teriyaki Chicken Pizza. What more, get the CPK Vintage Pizza passport, try out all five pizzas and have your passport fully stamped to get P500 worth of CPK gift certificates in return. Promo runs from July 1 to August 31.

California Pizza Kitchen Manila

Of the five, I loved Goat Cheese Pizza the most. For this reason, i never thought I could have purely vegetarian tastes. Goat cheese blends perfectly with mozzarella in this creation & made even tastier with grilled eggplant, sauteed onions and red & yellow peppers.

California Pizza Kitchen

The second best pizza I liked was the Teriyaki Chicken Pizza because of its exciting combination of savory and sweet. I learned that a secret ingredient of this pizza is orange marmalade! This pizza is also crowned with chicken slices, mozzarella, queso quesadilla, red & yellow peppers, red onions, scallions and a tasty teriyaki ginger sauce.

CPK Manila

Santa Fe Chicken is one pizza topped with guacamole!It has the flavors of the Mexican kitchen with the addition of chunky fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, cilantro, onions, grilled chicken breast, and of course mozzarella cheese. Best to request the server to mix the toppings in front of you for a truly unique experience.

California Pizza Kitchen Manila

Another exciting offering is CPK’s Tostada Chicken Pizza. This one is infused with southwestern black beans, Monterey jack, queso quesadilla and grilled chicken breast. Lettuce strips, chunky fresh tomato salsa, ranch dressing, scallions and crispy tortilla complete the California-style goodness of this pizza.

Peking Duck Pizza

Say unique and what really comes to mind is CPK’s very own Peking Duck pizza. An interesting tidbit: the resto roasts the duck in-store so that it really comes out fresh and crispy. All the Asian touch in this pizza with the addition of shiitake mushrooms, fried wontons, slivered scallions, mozzarella and an addicting hoisin-ginger mix for the sauce.

Get the CPK Vintage Pizza Passport today!

cpk passport

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