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It was nice to be back at Bulgogi Brothers Mall of Asia. After all, we were one of the resto’s first paying customers when it opened with 50% off on the total bill way back in August 2012 (okay, that was last year).

A few weeks ago, it was time to visit again, this time to check out their new offering of Barbecue Specials, which is already good for sharing. Look how affordable it is, not to mention that you will already feel satiated with the appetizers they will serve you –

menu front

My favorite are the boneless beef ribs because they really tasted heavenly from being tender and flavored to perfection with the house’s own fruity marinade. From my acquaintance with Korean cuisine, meat like beef are marinated in pear juice (could be other fruits) to achieve the desired juicy and tasty consistency.

The beef short ribs, as served. It was very good, and this picture doesn’t do justice to the deliciousness meter of the dish.


If you don’t like red meat, there are other choices too like grilled salmon and ‘apahap’ ( a local fish) for seafood lovers. There’s also the pork belly and the spicy boneless chicken in a rather sweetish sauce which my kids liked.

Bulgogi Brothers

Check out Bulgogi Brothers in MOA, Alabang Town Center and Greenbelt 5 Makati.

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