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We love the latest campaign of power beauty product Rexona simply titled Do:More. As the saying goes: “don’t regret the things you’ve done, regret the things you didn’t do when you had the chance!” Life should be all about taking chances, living out your passions and simply doing more.

I think that motherhood has tamed me in the sense that I think twice before stepping out of my comfort zone these days. Still, this hasn’t prevented me from writing a bucket list:

1.Swim with the dolphins in Donsol.
2.Savor exotic food in Kathmandu and Yangon.
3. Have croissants for breakfast in Paris.
4. Have flat abs while doing 2 & 3.
5. Be able to say “six sick hicks nick six slick bricks with picks and sticks” in 30 seconds and repeat consecutively ten times 🙂
6.Marvel at the sight of Niagara Falls and the Pyramids of Egypt
7. and easily the most achievable one: join Rexona Run 2013 happening on Oct. 20…yay!

In an event last June 26, Rexona unveiled its chosen Ambassadors who embody the Do More lifestyle.

Former Chelsea FC player Phil Younghusband is the star player of the Philippine Azkals and pursues his own social responsibility project by coaching promising Filipino kids under the aegis of the Younghusband Football Academy. In photo, Phil pins on the map his next travel destination Brazil, for the 2014 World Cup.

Phil's next destination

Bianca Gonzalez has always been known as the pretty face who juggles many different tasks at the same time. Yet, her close friends know her as one gutsy spirit who loves travelling to places far and near. Bianca fearlessly greeted 2013 by jumping off a plane in Skydive Monterey Bay. In photo: Bianca excitedly shows us her next destination: Egypt.

Bianca points to map

We also spotted these relentless Doers:

Model, host and entrepreneur behind Pinkerton Ice Cream – Xandra Rocha.

Xandra Rocha

Paolo Cabalfin (middle) and colleagues from the Makati gym Team Focus Athletics.

Paolo Cabalfin & team

Businessman and host RJ Ledesma looks like he hasn’t aged a day. He does more by having less, thanks to a strict vegetarian diet.

RJ ledesma

Rexona Brand Manager Mar Corazo encourages everyone to ” be open to possibilities, keep busy, seek adventure, go the extra mile and push limits.” This is the rationale behind the #DoMore philosophy. “With Rexona, you can always feel confident knowing you’re protected throughout the day, no matter what it is you’re doing,” he added.


(Thanks to Bridges PR for the photos)

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