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Dickies clothing brand makes fantastic cargo shorts that are made to last for years through much rough wear and action. These men’s shorts work well for fishing trips, camping excursions and extreme sports like mountain biking and abseiling. Also for casual wear in warm weather, cargo shorts are practical and perfect for a wide variety of activities.

The Pockets

Some of the best known and loved features of cargo shorts by Dickies are the pockets. Functional and convenient, the pockets can hold a surprising amount of objects from keys and change to sunglasses and tools. Pockets are essential every day.

The Ripstops

Some of Dickies’ cargo shorts feature ripstops. These useful cords are meant to cinch the bottoms of the pants together so that they are not flapping open. These ripstops are very helpful when climbing or cycling as well as on a number of other activities where flapping bottoms are not wanted.

Comfortable Work and Active Wear

Cargo pants as made by Dickies are some of the most comfortable and practical shorts on the market. Made for active men, these shorts provide effortless wear with pockets for convenient storage of items that must be carried. For all the casual, work and sport activities that men pursue, cargo shorts are ideal for wearing in warm weather.

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