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Namnam Comfort Filipino Restaurant has replaced Masas which stayed for a record 10 years in Greenbelt 2, Makati City. The owners are not the same, but you gotta love it when the new place duplicates the feat, or is even better, than the old one.

This photo of Namnam’s interiors courtesy of the resto’s Facebook page.


First of all, I think Namnam as a name is very attractive. It’s playful and reminds me of what my three-year old toddler will manage to say. Namnam which is short for malinamnam, the Filipino word for delicious 🙂

The menu is certainly worth taking a second look – not only because the choices are diverse, but also because they’re your everyday Filipino comfort food but given interesting, creative twists.

For instance, am not much of a beef eater but I instantly transformed to carnivore mode when I tasted Namnam’s refreshing Watermelon Sinigang (prices are 190/345/625 for S-M-L) This is sinigang as we know it but given a hint of sweetness (and hence extra tastiness) with the addition of watermelon slices. It also helped that the beef short ribs that went with the dish was oh-so-tender. A must-taste!

Sinigang at NamNam

Our host Franco happily recommended the bestselling House Crispy Sisig and I also happily complained that it was “too crunchy for comfort”. However, I soon found myself reaching for seconds and thirds of this dish which could only mean that it was good and addicting. Anyhow, go and find out for yourself 😉

Sisig at Namnam

Namnam has a couple of interesting rice dishes which reminded me of lazy days at home when you just want to mix whatever’s in the pantry and put everything in a plate. Shown from left are: the Breakfast Fried Rice which is redolent with corned beef but also has bacon & steak bits; the tinapa fried rice with red egg; and my favorite University Fried Rice which has two sunny side-up eggs on top and tapa bits blended in the very flavorful rice. Can certainly pass for a meal in itself!

Fried rice at Namnam

This food post is far from over but let me just jump prematurely to the dessert. The Gata leche Flan is the bomb! Dense and creamy with the addition of coconut milk. This is the kind of food you’d like to hold your spoon over while closing your eyes and remembering how life has been good to you. It’s definitely an “mmmm….!”

Leche flan at Nam Nam

Anyway, to continue this narration of the sinfully delicious stuff at Namnam:

Grilled Tiger Prawns topped with homemade Aligue Butter –

NamNam Greenbelt 2

Bangus Belly with Garlic Overload… who can say no? (except killjoys who dislike garlic)


The Caramelized Patis Wings was worth licking my fingers over…

Namnam Patis wings

Street Balls of Fish, Squid, Crab & Lobster with a Trio of Sawsawan (dips) –


Not just any lumpia, but Deep-Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti Lumpia. I couldn’t get enough of this. I really love my spring roll, especially when it’s this good.


Baby Squid in Olive Oil and Garlic…


Tortang Talong with Longganisa


Seriously, Namnam has lots of good stuff to make one belly happy. I am already wickedly plotting my return.

G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St. cor Greenbelt Drive
Ayala Center, Makati
Tel. No. 625-0515

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