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The rains have come in this part of town. It makes me wax nostalgic about the summer’s last hurrah spent in Peninsula de Punta Fuego on the shores of Nasugbu, Batangas. The ride can be a daunting three hours but it gets scenic along the way, and more so because you also pass by Tagaytay. Of course it also gets comfortable if you’ve got an airconditioned van and a driver like we did on this trip.

Seeing Punta Fuego’s iconic infinity pool stretching out to the vastness of the South China Sea makes you understand why the mega-rich bought property on this land. It’s either you’re a child of the mountain or a child of the sea. Punta Fuego people obviously chose to hear the lapping of the waves on the shore at night and wake up to this view every morning –

Peninsula de Punta Fuego

Punta Fuego view

The secret about Punta Fuego is that you can actually stay here even if you don’t own a house on the strip. Just inquire from the club or the members about the availability of the 33 casitas on the property. These are Spanish-style dwellings designed like a hotel room but with a bonus of a balcony overlooking the sea. I also liked the spacious bathroom equipped with L’Occitane toiletries. The rainshower even stretches out into a Zen-like pocket garden.

way to the casitas

casita room

I always smile at the sight of welcome fruit platters. This is where you get your first brush with a hotel’s amiability. In this case, I just saw the cutest bottle of Spanish red wine. Probably their own way of telling me not to over-drink since I was with my kids 🙂

welcome platter

We took our meals at the San Diego Restaurant ( in history, the Punta Fuego location now was the site of the battle between the Spanish galleon named San Diego and the Dutch battleship Mauritius in 1600). Breakfast was the best part since they had a buffet and you can choose to dine al-fresco & enjoy the view.

Breakfast at San Diego

Al fresco breakfast

Nearby was the Members’ Lounge where I caught on the resort’s wi-fi connection. This is a cool spot to read, chat and simply hang out with a selection of drinks and cakes to order. At night, the lights dim out and the place transforms into a cocktail bar of sorts.

Members' Lounge

In the afternoon, the kids chose to swim at the Lower Beach. I thought this spot was less crowded and more kid-friendly than the infinity pool. It had play slides and a sand box with toys. My youngest, Lucia, had a great time.

2nd pool - Punta Fuego


Other things to enjoy in Peninsula de Punta Fuego? There’s a nine-hole golf course with majestic views of both land and sea. Likewise, you can also engage in tennis, mountain biking, play squash, volleyball and billiards. Lower Beach has water sports like speedboat, kayak, jetski, banana boat, wakeboarding and more.

More beach love. On our way home, we also dropped by Terrazas de Punta Fuego which is located just 25 minutes away from the Peninsula Property. Having lunch at the open-air club house was refreshing, the feel was laid-back and of course the food was yummy. Our charming host, Mawi, ordered a feast fit for the very hungry, and we were not complaining. On the table was calamares, fried lumpia and this platter of grilled Filipino specialties & some more.


terrazas de punta fuego

The pool at Terrazas looked so inviting as well. The long stretch of beach, which is one of the finest in Batangas, lay at the back with a series of comfy cabanas to relax in.


terrazas beach

So this is what Club Punta Fuego is all about. You have a choice between the swimming pools or the actual beach. Any which way you choose, there’s water all around and no doubt you’ll get sensory overload from enjoying nature at its best.

To inquire about weddings & other special functions
at Club Punta Fuego, call the Manila Office at 553-8888
or email info@clubpuntafuego.com.ph

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