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More of HK: after the rubber ducky, there is a ‘Gundam docks at Hong Kong!’ exhibit ongoing at Times Square in Causeway Bay until Sept. 1. This is one to delight the kids, the young at heart and of course the countless fans of the Gundam series from all over. Are you?

Char’s Zaku towers at something like 23 feet.

Gundam HK exhibit

RX-78-2, also approximately 23 feet, just outside of Lane Crawford. It’s the largest ever found outside of Japan where the biggest 59-foot model could be found.

Giant Gundam

It looks gigantic at this angle

Giant Gundam

More battle figures inside the indoor piazza, and of course more photo ops 🙂


Viva Gundam!

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  1. Rupert says:

    Wow, these Gundams were huge. How I wish I can see like these in the Philippines 🙂

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