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Headset brands are a dime a dozen these days, and they’re really getting cheap too. But like any other product, it pays to put a premium on quality. Some headphones can be expensive but they make up for the price by their amazing sound quality and of course their durability.

Logitech headset

The Logitech H540 headset is a mid-priced accessory (retail price: P2,580) that works on your PC with easy plug & play functionality. Surely you can use this gear for listening to music like we did. Its built-in equalizer and laser-tuned drivers delivered crisp sound and rich digital details, so much so that it seemed like Jessie J was in front of me as I listened to her old song “it’s not about the money, money, money. Forget about the price tag..”

Actually, one reason that would make you cha-ching, cha-ching your way to buy this headset at the store (or join our giveaway, more towards the end of this post) is its good use for chatting.Yes Virginia, in this age of Viber, LINE and other phone-based services, many people still prefer doing the old-fashioned Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Gmail Voice bit on their laptop or desktop computers.

Logitech headset

And what do you do so the whole room doesn’t hear you? Put the Logitech H540 over your head. It has a number of features to ensure a hassle-free chatting experience. The adjustable microphone brilliantly reduces background noise.When not in use, you can even rotate the mic so that it can stay hidden beneath the ear cup. You can also adjust the volume or mute the mic with on-ear controls you can activate at the touch of the button. There is an easy-to-see mute indicator light as well to ensure that you don’t talk with the mute on again.

For its number of features, the H540 is actually not complicated to use. The soft leatherette padding on the ear cups appealed to me, design-wise. And true enough, ’twas really of utmost comfort as I listened to my music selection at home one weekend and didn’t notice the hours pass by.


This is me channeling the call center agent look πŸ™‚ You can win this headset by joining this giveaway now. Winner must be be able to claim the prize in Metro Manila only. Mechanics via Rafflecopter. Good luck!

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  1. Von del Rosario says:

    Keep in touch and take care of yourself always!~

  2. Kany Vic Perez says:

    Always send letters, Not just in email but also snail mail πŸ™‚

  3. Don Balboa says:

    Skype is one of the factors that make the world go round. Facebook is the factor why many couples separate =(

  4. Kathleen Mae C. Amada says:

    To keep in touch with my love ones, I keep them always updated in my life even with trivial things that is happening to me πŸ™‚

  5. Ma. Clarice Lao says:

    Make it a priority to keep in touch. Use different ways, there’s skype, SMS, calls, viber, wechat.. Make the most of what suits you. πŸ™‚

  6. Mario Loumele EstraΓ±ero says:

    Me and my ate from Florida has found Facetime to be really reliable when it comes to communicating plus we really have a good view of each other in every call. πŸ™‚

  7. Vivian Aguilar says:

    Through Skype and FB.

  8. Julie Gonzales says:

    Write letters and call them always

  9. Rachel Anne Del Rosario says:

    Since me and my husband can’t communicate through skype whenever he’s onboard we regularly emailing each other and he calls only because i can’t call him he’s on a middle of the sea even though our communication is hard we find ways to communicate if he has signal on his smart roaming we text each other if there’s no signal he calls and email and vice versa.

  10. its me joan says:

    communication- expressing of feelings always in a gentle way

  11. Jaden B. says:

    I really want this!^^

  12. Henry Lacson says:

    keep in touch with your family and friends through Phone Calls, Internet using social media like facebook or twitter, chat using yahoo messenger/skype and by sending letter txt or email

  13. Aida Villanueva says:

    Keep in touch by phone calls, letters , chats by internet and skype nowadays!

  14. Victoria Jose says:

    skype and calls

  15. Kuya Charlz says:

    Pray for them and always have a skype session. Works as always!

  16. Mara Galang says:

    Easiest way to get in touch with your love ones is through online πŸ™‚

  17. Richelle Torres says:

    communication by a facetime,viber, yahoo, tango, skype πŸ™‚

  18. camille says:

    nothing beats the good old snail mails

  19. Here are my tips on how can I keep in touch with my loved ones:

    L – Letter or Snail Mails. Even it is the old form of communication, it gives a lot of love and concern to your loved ones. Just like what my friend send me last time,

    when she was in USA for her first week.
    O – Organize events. Organizing events makes the bonding for loved ones tight just what we did last week for my aunties.
    G – Give gifts. Giving gifts with your loved ones will make your relationship better especially when their birthday comes or any event you want to give. This will make the relationship be keep in touch also.
    I – Instant call/message. Just by texting or calling make you keep in touch with your love ones.
    T – Take photos. As what the saying goes, photos tell more than a thousand words. Just by uploading or sending photos will make you keep in touch with your loved ones.
    E – Email. By utilizing email, it will help us to stay our relationship and it also keeps our messages with each other that will keep our relationship tightly.
    C – Chat. Chat is a very good way of conversing with your loved ones. With the advent of technology today, chatting is more fun because of the new chat applications that gives new feature of chatting experience.
    H – Habitual update. This is very important with your loved ones, because with just a simple update on your loved ones, it means a lot to him/her.

  20. Jaden B. says:

    Hi! Who won??^^

  21. […] on how you can claim your prize. The winner announcement is displayed on the Rafflecopter widget of the original post here. Thank you everyone for joining and not to worry because there will be another Logitech goody up […]

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