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So something like this hasn’t happened for a long time. Because of severe flooding, airline passengers couldn’t make it to their flights in Manila’s four terminals. Planes in Terminals 3 and 4 couldn’t take off as well because the ramps and runways were flooded.The only good news was that Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific waived rebooking fees for today, but expect their hotlines and counters to be crowded.

Here’s an updated list of domestic flight cancellations for today, August 20:

Cebu Pacific flight cancellations:

5J-449 MNL-Iloilo
5J-450 Iloilo-MNL
5J-385 MNL-Cagayan de Oro
5J-386 Cagayan de Oro-MNL
5J-339 MNL-Kalibo
5J-340 Kalibo-MNL
5J-857 MNL-Zamboanga
5J-858 Zamboanga-MNL
5J-965 MNL-Davao
5J-968 Davao-MNL
5J-791 MNL-Butuan
5J-792 Butuan-MNL
5J-787 MNL-Butuan
5J-788 Butuan-MNL
5J-506 MNL-Tuguegarao
5J-507 Tuguegarao-MNL

Philippine Airlines flight cancellations:

PR-849 MNL-Cebu
PR-850 Cebu-MNL
PR-730 MNL-Bangkok
PR-408 MNL-OsakA

PR-501 MNL-Singapore
PR-512 Singapore-MNL
PR-306 MNL-Hong Kong
PR-307 Hong Kong-MNL
PR-736 MNL-Bangkok
PR-737 Bangkok-MNL
PR-468 MNL-Incheon
PR-469 Incheon-MNL
PR-416 MNL-Busan
PR-417 Busan-MNL
PR-894 MNL-Taipei
PR-895 Taipei-MNL
PR-432 MNL-Narita
PR-438 Narita-MNL
PR-330 MNL-Xiamen
PR-331 Xiamen-MNL
PR-731 Bangkok-MNL
PR-503 MNL-Singapore
PR-504 Singapore-MNL
PR-200 MNL-Hong Kong
PR-201 Hong Kong-MNL
PR-358 MNL-Beijing
PR-359 Beijing-MNL
PR-517 MNL-Kuala Lumpur
PR-518 Kuala Lumpur-MNL
PR-508 Singapore-MNL
PR-336 MNL-Shanghai
PR-337 Shanghai-MNL
PR-853 MNL-Cebu
PR-854 Cebu-MNL
PR-813 MNL-Davao
PR-814 Davao-MNL
PR-855 MNL-Cebu
PR-856 Cebu-MNL
PR-507 MNL-Singapore

Tiger Airways (DG) flight cancellations:

DG-7014 MNL-Cebu
DG-7015 Cebu-MNL
DG-7006 MNL-Cebu
DG-7007 Cebu-MNL
DG-7056 MNL-Kalibo
DG-7057 Kalibo-MNL
DG-7063 P. Princesa-MNL
DG-7004 MNL-Cebu
DG-7005 Cebu-MNL
DG-7044 MNL-Tacloban
DG-7045 Tacloban-MNL
DG-7062 MNL-Puerto Princesa
DG-7072 MNL-Iloilo
DG-7073 Iloilo-MNL
DG-7002 MNL-Cebu
DG-7003 Cebu-MNL
DG-7082 MNL-Bacolod
DG-7083 Bacolod-MNL

PAL Express (2P) flight cancellations:

2P-527 MNL-Cagayan de Oro
2P-528 Cagayan de Oro-MNL
2P-015 Tuguegarao-MNL
2P-065 MNL-Surigao
2P-066 Surigao-MNL
2P-040 Caticlan-MNL
2P-051 MNL-Caticlan
2P-052 Caticlan-MNL
2P-014 MNL-Tuguegarao
2P-967 MNL-Butuan
2P-968 Butuan-MNL
2P-587 MNL-Dipolog
2P-588 Dipolog-MNL
2P-039 MNL-Caticlan.

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