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Repost from Wenchie Sabban: A changed face of Manila and Manila Bay with the Million People March against the PDAF (pork barrel) and corruption. Was feeling under the weather yesterday so only monitored the events on Facebook.With the historic People Power 1 & 2 and now, the Philippines really sets the record for mass-initiated protests that make a difference.

Million People March.

One Saturday August 17, another precedent was happening at the University of Makati. A total of 2,132 mothers banded together to break a Guinness World Record for the Philippines by simultaneously hand-washing a 1,200- meter long stretch of fabric. And at the end of the afternoon session, they succeeded in exceeding the current record, not once, not twice, but three times the magnitude.

Hurrah to these Sige Moms:

Breeze Guinness Record 2

Breeze Guinness record 3

Guinness World Record Adjudicator Kristy Bennet flew from London to oversee the record attempt and validate its success, with the help of 47 other independent witnesses. Aside from breaking the record, Breeze wanted to prove its superior product technology against other detergent brands combined. Simultaneous to the washing of the 1200 meter cloth by Breeze, a smaller cloth stained with the same stain cocktail of grape juice, ink, and chocolate milk was washed with five other ordinary detergent brands.

“These stains were used because they are often the most difficult stains mom’s encounter when washing their children’s clothes.” shared Unilever Research and Development Manager, Amor Prieto. The same wash conditions were subjected to both cloths. However, 5x the powder was used for the smaller cloth and still, Breeze Activbleach’s revolutionary formulation was better at completely removing the stain.

Anyway, are you a Sige Mom? I am! Am the type who would let my child explore her boundaries so she can discover her limits for creativity and play. I believe that a kid who’s trained to be independent and street-smart at a young age will learn from his/her mistakes and will be more adaptable to the world around her upon growing up.

In photo: my little girl Lucia discovers the fun she can do with a salt shaker. LOL.

Lucia in action

Sige Moms know that lessons are best taught through action, example and experience. Mara Banson, Assistant
Brand Manager of Breeze, shares the brand’s passion, “With Breeze, any and every Sige Mom can confidently encourage her child to explore and learn. If getting stains leads to discovery and learning then it’s time for moms to proudly say “Sige sa mantsa! No fear, no worries with Breeze.”

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