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Having a reliable website is hugely important for businesses that hope to meet the needs of consumers across the world. Many of these business owners have learned that they only get one legitimate shot to make a good impression on consumers. If a customer tries to use a site that’s down, he likely won’t return. With this in mind, solutions like website hosting from Network Solutions have become more popular. Website owners are investing in reliability, and they’re reaping the rewards that go along with a better reputation.

On-line time percentage is important
For many Internet entrepreneurs, it’s important to have a high on-line percentage. They’re looking for hosting solutions that will keep their sites active for at least 99-percent of the time. The higher the percentage creeps, the better business is for these website owners. This is only possible for those website owners who are able and willing to sink some front-end costs into good hosting. It is a bit of an investment at the beginning. The smart business owners know that it pays off over time, though.

The ability to handle spikes in traffic
Many website owners are out there advertising their products and their websites. The ultimate goal is to see a huge spike in website traffic over time. They know, however, that these spikes won’t mean anything if their site can’t handle the increased traffic. With that in mind, many of these business owners are using enhanced web hosting to ensure that their sites can handle the biggest tasks.

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