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One fine Saturday, I had a “prettify your brow” session at the Benefit Brow Bar. This bar is found where Benefit cosmetics are sold…in this case, their newly-opened branch at the Mall of Asia.Just to disclose: this session wasn’t sponsored, hahaha. I just have this thing about fixing my brows all the time. I believe that the right shape (or arch) does a lot in enhancing one’s appearance, so that one can actually look younger or older. Luckily for me, my brows aren’t too thick or too thin; they’re just right to highlight my face and give it some definition. I would surely hate it if they’re too sparse and looks artificial with just the line of a pencil to show where my brows should be, like I see in some women.

Anyhow, because of my busy lifestyle, I often just have it shaved at the friendly neighborhood salon….no time to pluck or have it threaded either. The visit to the Benefit Brow Bar was a project I’ve been eyeing for a long time as I’ve never done brow waxing and tinting before (the tint is for lightening the color of your brows to match your hair color, for instance). The whole thing cost me P850 but as you can see in these Before and After photos, am quite happy with the results …..

Selfies in car

I love it that my new trimmed brows are lighter and not as black. Also, the fact that it was waxed means the hair on my arches will not grow as fast. My session ensured that stray hairs will only appear after about three weeks, and I’ll just have to pluck them. With a shave, regrowth is easily seen after one week.

Anyhow, ever wonder how the Benefit brow stylists do it? It looked easy. They used a ruler in measuring the distance from your nose to the brow, and they used this as a guide in determining the shape of your arch. They drew on the brow area, and the area that fell outside the border is the one that’s going to be waxed.

Benefit MOA 2

For brow tinting, they used this cream-like solution which are left on the brow area to absorb. The longer it’s left there, the lighter and more brownish the color of your brow.

Benefit MOA 3

That weekend, there was a line of people buying or were curious about Benefit’s line-up of beauty products. I really dig the packaging/designs on their products!

Benefit MOA

My twin daughters patiently waited while I got my brows fixed…about 45 minutes. Hmmm, i think I’ll bring them to the brow bar soon too. Apparently every weekend, Benefit counters have spa party themes…. they serve stuff like lemonade, cookies and candies for the customers..all for free! So my tweens were not totally bored.

twins @ Benefit

I also got a free makeover from a genial attendant named Amy. It was fun discovering the Benefit products that she used like High Brow and the boi-ing concealer to hide my eyebags…ugh.

Brow session

Here’s the Benefit Brow Bar price list:

Benefit Brow Bar

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