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Mobile messaging platform LINE has officially partnered with world-class soccer club FC Barcelona (short for Futbol Club Barcelona) to feature several FCB branded digital goods in order to further enlarge its overseas user base and cater to the needs of avid soccer fans.

With soccer already growing in steady popularity in the Philippines, the collaboration of FC Barcelona with LINE, which is already a popular app among Filipinos as well, will only boost the sport and the team more.

LINE has already launched an Official Account with FC Barcelona, enabling fans to receive flash reports on the latest news and upcoming events. Fans can also download free LINE original stickers featuring the FC Barcelona team by adding the Official Account as a friend.

Additional paid stickers featuring popular players of the club will be introduced in the near future. The characters of the players will also appear in LINE’s family apps, such as LINE GAME and LINE camera. They will also be featured in the original brand room of LINE PLAY, a virtual avatar communication service.

LINE aims to accelerate its penetration into the European and South American markets through this partnership, while further increasing its overseas user numbers in countries such as the Philippines. LINE already has an estimated 230 million users worldwide.

(From the official press release)

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