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My seatmate during a recent food tasting session, the esteemed Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David, described P.F. Chang’s food as “gentrified Chinese.”

The description couldn’t be more apt. P.F. Chang’s cuisine may not be the Chinese food we grew up with but that is exactly its appeal to me. Crispy fried chicken, birthday noodles, salt & pepper spare ribs, sweet & sour pork, beef with oyster sauce, chopsuey …. they all taste the same in Chinese restos all over town but when I go to P.F. Chang’s, it’s different. For one, they don’t have “the usual stuff” on the menu, it’s always a take on the classics or their own interpretation. It’s Chinese food like no other, even though it’s American Chinese 🙂

The international resto chain (with branches in BGC and Alabang) has unveiled new offerings on the menu and here are a few interesting items:

the Grilled Angus Flank Steak (P995) is a must-try. Order this on your birthday or anniversary or the next time you feel like splurging. Hey, you don’t even have to wait for a special occasion. It’s for the discriminating diner or meat lover who wants the juicy tenderness of US Angus flank steak grilled to perfection. When served, the meat is already sliced and comes in a big platter on the table with a siding of hoisin-glazed peaches, roasted eggplant and a delish dipping sauce.

Flank steak - PF Chang's

The tofu steak was heavenly. As this dish landed on my palate, I suddenly entertained dreams of not eating meat ever and just surviving on this. But of course it was just a dream 🙂

Tofu steak - PF Chang's

Anyhow, I loved the contrast between the crunchiness of the fried breaded tofu slices on the outside and the soft silkiness of the tofu inside. The topping of savory Kung Pao sauce with diced bell peppers, onions and chili made it all worthwhile.

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PF Chang’s now open in BGC!

An appetizer like no other is the Tuna Tataki (P325) which is diced sushi-grade tuna seasoned with the house’s own citrus soy sauce, then mixed with cucumber and sesame seeds. The tuna is then placed on crispy wonton disks. I just loved munching on the crunchiness of the wonton as against the certain chewiness of the flavorful fish.

Tuna tataki

The Ahi Cucumber Salad (P365) is a refreshing alternative to your choice of greens. This dish consists of smoky seared Ahi Tuna tossed with cucumber slivers, roasted tomatoes, blanched asparagus, juicy peaches and dill herbs in a sweet, creamy & tangy dressing.

Seared tuna salad

Let’s now head on to PF Chang’s new line-up of dim sum which are really affordable.

My favorite are the Radish Shrimp Dumplings (P165/ four pieces) – shrimps and asparagus wrapped in an enticing packet then topped with daikon, cilantro and tobiko caviar.

Radish dumpling

Xiao long bao (P125 an order), the famous “soup pork dumplings” that’s paired with a ginger-flavored pot sticker sauce

Xiao long bao

The Flaming Red Wontons (P165 for 6 pcs.) looked attractive, but I found the accompanying sauce with scallions, chilies and spices rather salty

PF Chang's PH wontons

For dessert, this is not just another buchi or sesame seed balls. What makes this irresistible is that the filling consists of yummy chocolate. And too bad I forgot to take a pic of what’s inside…. this chocolate buchi (P155 for an order) was a sensation. I just couldn’t have enough of this!

Chocolate buchi

And finally ….Chang’s Apple Crunch (P295). Crispy rolls with tart Granny Smith apple filling, spooned with caramel sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. The best things in life….are sinful! 🙂

PF Chang's BGC

P.F. Changs’s Alabang Town Center
The Street, Corte de las Palmas
Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Tel. No. 869-7837

P.F. Changs’s Bonifacio Global City
W Global Center, 9th Avenue corner 30th Street
Bonifacio Global City, City of Taguig
Tel. No. 808-7389; 664-5956

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