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Climbing Lantau Peak was one unexpected thing to do in ‘touristy’ Hong Kong. I had mentioned to a reliable guide that I wanted to go hiking in the territory, so I was expecting some leisurely walking on plains and plateaus. I never imagined that the hiking would involve a steep climb to Lantau Peak, Hong Kong’s second highest mountain which was about 3000 feet above sea level.

I ended up huffing, puffing and calling out the name of my ancestors, LOL. But the resulting scenery certainly made up for all the sweat.

View from Lantau Peak

The closer we got, the nearer the view of the surrounding mountains and the South China Sea in the background …

Road to Lantau Peak

A glimpse of HK’s iconic (residential) buildings, even high up in the mountains –

Road to Lantau Peak

Refreshing to see this from where I stood…

Road to Lantau Peak

This sign indicated that we were getting nearer. “Distance to Post” –

Road to Lantau Peak

Finally, the peak! I bet you this was easier said than done. I dreamt of succulent roasted goose and delectable dumplings to motivate myself to reach the top 🙂

Me at Lantau Peak

On the way down, a glimpse of the Giant Buddha (more on this in another post)

view of Tian Tian Buddha

Verdict: overall a fun hike but best to be physically fit. If someone like me was able to do it unprepared, then you can definitely do it if you come prepared.

Unlike in the Philippines, the hiking trails in HK (in this case, the way to Lantau Peak) were neatly laid out. There’s no chance of getting lost if you follow them but no toilets or snack stops along the way. The surroundings are also kept clean.

Time to peak: 2-3 hours, depending on your pace

How to go to Lantau Peak: Take the MTR to Tung Chung station (where the Citygate outlets are) then take a bus or taxi to Mui Wo. Ask to be dropped off at the start of Lantau Trail.

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