@YahooPH gives bad head

Everyone of us who are seasoned in journalism knows that a good head (headline to the layman) is noble: imagine being able to write the meat of the matter in just a few words. But a bad head? I almost choked when I read this in the world’s No. 2 search engine before I retired to bed last night:

yahoo screencap

Being the grammar nazi, I felt compelled to post the glaring error on my Facebook wall while calling the attention of the only Yahoo contact I know on FB, tech editor Alora Guerrero.

Sorry Alora if we caused you to panic, as this is obviously beyond your turf. Allegedly, Yahoo’s contract with news provider GMA News Online does not allow them to “edit the head.”

I just YMed a colleague, so now there are two of us who are feeling stressed out because of the head,” Alora revealed.

Hmm, we do like it nice and slow…. especially when savoring a bowl of divinely-prepared minestrone, for instance. or how about some melt-in-the-mouth osso buco?

The folks at Yahoo seem to like it nice and slow too, as the copy remains unedited as of 9:15 in the morning while I write this post, or more than 12 hours after we read their erroneous copy last night.

Talk about the internet being able to deliver news at supersonic speed.

Sorry just couldn’t help it :)


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