Strange names Pinoy parents give their kids

When the 2013 UPCAT results were released last week, local netizens made a fiesta out of the name of one successful examinee Sincerely Yours ’98. She’s nicknamed Truly and has two other siblings: Spaghetti ’88 and Macaroni ’85. The numbers stand for their date of birth.

Spaghetti ’88 has since gotten married and has a son named Cheese Pimiento. And here’s the birth cert (photo & details via my kumare Ivy Lisa Mendoza)

cheese pimiento

Our friend, Prof. Rolando de la Cruz, CEO of Darwin International School in Bulacan where Sincerely Yours (nicknamed Truly) graduated, explained that the parents are simply jolly good people who didn’t hesitate to break the monotony of the world with the strangeness of their children’s names.

“The names of the kids might sound funny to people. But these names reflect how much they enjoy and respect life. The names are unique, reflect in the uniqueness of the members. The names are down-to-earth, reflecting how much they enjoy daily living,” Prof. Rolly said.

In this ever-growing country of 100 million people, strange names are probably not a rarity. Here’s what other people contributed via Facebook and Rappler of true-to-life Filipino names that are funny and/or far from common:

1. Four siblings named: Dore, Mifa, Sola & Tido
2. 12 siblings named: A,B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K & L (whew!)
3. Mcrhonald
4. Henceforth
5. Merry Christmas Aguinaldo
6. Valentine Day
7. Halloween Marie
8. Abcdef & Xyz
9. Chloe Chlorine

10. Knives Acid Rain
11. Ides of March
12. Computerlyn
13. Onion Ubaldo
14. Symphony
15. Crystal Gale
16. Nuclear Bomb
17. Missiles Somoza and a brother named Bullets
18. Peach Pink Orchids
19. Jan Eleven & May Seven
20. Noname, Nameless & Withname
21. Son of God

Anyway, if this is your name, raise your hand and tell us the story behind it :)

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  1. Joaquin says:

    i work in a hospital and we had a patient whose name was Maria with a middle name Bawas and a surname of Pera in short her complete name would read as Maria Bawas Pera.


  2. skye says:

    I have one classmate and we had this game to spell our name backwards in the blackboard. My classmate was hesitant to write his name, dyahe daw. we push him and “HE *means his a “boy” wrote “A-L-G-E-R”. we all read it backward and the rest was history.


  3. Odin says:

    5. Merry Christmas Aguinaldo – I once had a team mate (dragon boat) who goes by this name(just Merry Chrismas, don’t know if there’s an Aguinaldo after that). Upon being introduced, the first thing she asked me to do was guess her birthday. I think it did have an impact on her personality. If she decides on a color, everything from the rubberband on her retainers to her socks will be of that color. And she wears thick socks while rowing, just to maintain the look. Really fun to have her around(literally merry ang lahat).

    19. Jan Eleven & May Seven – I think I can guess their birthday.

    [14. Symphony
    15. Crystal Gale] – I think I’ll put these two up for consideration when I have kids of my own.

    BTW, I have a brother named Gary, my dad wanted to name him C-3-P-O when he was born. My mom refused, so they agreed on the name Gary. But my dad was always looking for G-3 whenever he arrives home.


  4. Yong Garcia says:

    My cousin who studied in Ateneo HS had school mates named Edgar Allan Pe (Edgar Allan Poe) and Earvin Tiongson (Earvin “Magic” Johnson).


  5. Matromao says:

    @ladyjinx At least chemistry, math, and physics. At first, I thought it was short for ‘chemotheraphy’ :o

    Poor Nuclear. That person will probably have to change his name if her ever wants to leave the country…


  6. Farquaad says:

    Holy what. Reading number 13′s name made me cry. *pun intended

    But seriously, people have layers too. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.


  7. anrei legarde says:

    Hi, my name is LE’ ANREI CONRADO LEGARDE. The name really comes with an apostrophe the story about it was its just syllabicated from leanrei whole name hehehe. im having hard time til now especially in biometrics and registration online hehhe. Just another story of awesomeness hahah made by mother and father.


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