Strange names Pinoy parents give their kids, Part 2

Thank you everyone for your comments. Like most of you, I had a laugh when new names came up. All these is a rather interesting facet of our culture. It reflects our fascination/affinity for some things. I would like to know who has the say when the final decision in naming a child comes up. But I guess it’s all to be respected, considering that parents have nine months to think of a name that a child will carry forever :)

Anyway, here’s the new list:

As seen on Linkedin:


I Am Suerte (translation: I Am Lucky)

I Am Suerte

No kidding. She’s real & now married …

i am suerte

For the love of celebrities:

Brook Shield Navarro
Jean Claude Andam
Shaquille O’Neal Fernandez
Elvis Presley Perez
Nikki Minaj Santos
lots of babies born these days named John Lloyd :)

For the love of food (and drink!):

Jollibee Sidaya
Magnolia Cheezee (has a sister named Hershey Cruise)
Lipton Ty
siblings named Onion, Ginger & Celery Ubaldo
siblings named Almond, Crunch & Hazel
Kisses, Hershey & Nestle
Ginebra Miguela Macalinao (real name of actress Lovely Rivero)

For the love of music:

Bach Johann Sebastian
three siblings named Symphony, Harmony & Melody

For the love of chemistry:

Chloe Chlorine has a brother named Landon Zinc

For the love of Math:
3 siblings named Algebra, Trigonometry & Geometry

The literature lovers:

Lord Voldemort Estioco
Tom Sawyer Tocino
Jonathan Livingston Sy
Edgar Allan Pe

Going with the flow:

Santonin Yu
Thomas Edison Alva
John Lenin
Louie Biton
Otto Matic
Pretty Nice Cagandahan
Apple Grapes Ubas
Melchor Gaspar Baltazar
Delilah Samson

In memory of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption:


For the love of nature:

Maria Cristina Falls

The Bible reader:

John 3:16

The computer geeks:
Jules Cyber 1A22 (who passed the UPCAT recently)

Quite strange:

Circumcision (for a female)
Clostridia (is a bacetria)

The rather embarrassing bits:

Dina Bagonggahasa who is related to Ligaya Bagonggahasa
(note: it seems this surname is common in Paete, Laguna)
Neil Abasan
Malou Ang/ Malou Hwang
Dr. Zenaida Panti-Sadsad


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  1. Alexis says:

    If I remember correctly, there was this contestant on some game show a couple of years ago named Kremil S. David. Yes, his parents apparently worked at Unilab.


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