Village food: Greek Taverna Restaurant

Despite being in Metro Manila’s far South, I am still thankful for little blessings. Like being 15 minutes away from the airports. And eating ‘international’ food when I want to, without having to go to the major malls, the Fort or Makati.

Greek Taverna has been my favorite ‘village’ restaurant in Parañaque city for the past year and somehow, I’ve never written about it. Now time to divulge the secret: am at the stage in my life when I really love Mediterranean food – how it uses basic ingredients while being tasty and allowing the natural flavors to come out, with emphasis on being grilled or baked rather than fried.

Greek Taverna is an authentic resto (since it’s owned by a Greek & his Filipina wife) and they use only superior ingredients. I go here often when the craving hits, and because I need to maintain a ‘healthier’ diet. Fried chicken used to be my comfort food but now it’s this tender & savory chicken souvlaki or grilled chicken with its array of roasted vegetables like zucchini, onions and red pepper (P270 for 2 pieces with pita bread & tzatziki sauce).

Chicken souvlaki

My early dinner today was this delicious soutzoukakia (P220), oven-baked seasoned beef meatballs in tomato sauce which came with a side dish of olive-oil infused Greek salad.


Open gyros‘ (P550) with slices of grilled lamb on a bed of greens with hand-cut potatoes and more tzatziki.Good to share.

Open gyros

Okay, this is not rice. This is orzo pasta in tomato sauce with Greek meatballs (P190), something new to try if you want a break from the ordinary.

Orzo pasta with meatballs

You can choose a salad to be your preferred side dish in some of the main dishes in the menu. The other choices are roast potatoes, chips and spinach rice.

Greek Salad

They have hummus too! (P110 an order)


….and of course moussaka, the Greeks’ version of lasagna, layered with ground meat and eggplant.


By special order: octopus in olive oil. If you are like me who is scared of octopus, this is the best time to like it. This was delish and surprisingly tender.


My favorite drinks to have when I am at the Taverna: the Greek coffee (P70) and refreshing yogurt shake (P110)

greek drinks

Have you noticed? blue and white are the standard colors in Greek restaurants throughout this country. I guess there’s no other acceptable color combination. 🙂 They’re the colors of Greece – a country I hope to visit one day!

Greek Taverna Restaurant Paranaque

Greek Taverna Restaurant
257 Dona Soledad Extension
Better Living, Paranaque City (near Chateau Elysee)

Tel. 804-2949

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday – 4pm to midnight
Saturday: 12:30 pm to midnight
Sunday: 4pm to 10pm

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