Those funny Pinoy business names


I’ve been seeing a lot of funny business signs/business names in ParaƱaque City lately. When I was just new to the area, it was just Robocock, a small chicken feeds store which has since been bulldozed & replaced by an SM Hypermarket.

Anyway, am mentioning this because Greek Taverna, the resto I blogged in my previous post is beside a beauty salon cleverly named Starbuhoks, using the same mermaid logo as the coffee chain. (buhok in Filipino is hair)

Potential copyright issue here but I don’t think a big name like Starbucks should even bother. This salon is just being Pinoy and having fun :)

Along Sucat Road, a milk tea place called Tea Li Ling but am afraid to go here, it might make me all the more cray cray (see translation here).

I Heart Pares along President’s Avenue in BF Homes … you would think it’s Paris with the Eiffel Tower sign until you read “Pares, Bulalo, Mami, Pancit.” (Pares is a Filipino beef stew dish usually paired with fried rice)

Elsewhere in the internet:

McDollibee in Baguio City

Dina Fresh Chicken

What funny business names have you seen lately? Please drop by with your comments :)


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