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This day has been busy with a visit to the Makati Med emergency room to have my youngest daughter checked.So yes, I only learned late this afternoon that Pinay caregiver Rose Fostanes was declared the grand winner of X Factor Israel. In a previous post, we already anticipated her win and in Rose’s audition video, it was almost like she had a premonition about her success: “Maybe if I join and win in this competition my life will change.”

My online friend Reyna Elena‘s friendly advice to Rose is to stay grounded and it makes sense (just don’t let Kim Henares come & get you, LOL)

reyna advice

Anyway, aren’t we glad that for the finals, Rose Fostanes chose a song that suits her vocal prowess just fine. Not only that, “My Way” is perhaps one of the most popular songs to be sung by Filipino karaoke diehards. Here’s a decent X Factor Israel video on Youtube. Watch –

Rose’s duet with her mentor, the Israeli R&B singer Shiri Maimon was also impressive. Here goes, “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys:

Congratulations Team Rose, it’s a proud moment for the Philippines!

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