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Kids, especially during the early childhood stage, will begin to assert independence by choosing what toy to play, what to place inside their mouth, what to wear and walking away from their mom. They become more engaged with the people around them. And in this case, as a parent, you can’t help but worry about your kid.

The growing up years of children will always be a primary concern of parents. This is why Nido held a press event for the campaign of NIDO 3+ at Chef Jessie Restaurant in Rockwell Center yesterday.. During the event, singer-songwriter, mother of two, and the new brand ambassador of Nido 3+ Barbie Almalbis was present together with Dr. Lilian Leynes – Juadion, child expert and associate Professor at the Family Life and Child Development Department of the College of Home Economics of UP Diliman. 

barbie almalbis

Pretty vocalist Barbie Almalbis, who is married to Martin Honasan, shared her experiences when it comes to parenting. 

“They say that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body. That’s exactly how I feel about my kids, and when Stina was very young, I used to always panic whenever she fell down or hurt herself, and she would always cry.  We later realized that it was actually my reaction that caused her to fear and cry.  When I learned to be calm and just quietly help her up, she also learned to just rub her small ‘boo-boo’ and go right back to playing. When Liam was born, we already learned to apply the ‘keep-calm’ attitude with him, and like his sister, he’s confident at play and knows how to pick himself up when he falls. This is when young moms like me start to get a grip on motherhood and gain more assurance. I’m thankful for the things that help me equip and protect my kids every day”.

Dr. Juadion shared the things that mothers worry about during the growing up years of their children.

“Mothers are very keen on what they give their kids and they mainly worry about three things during the growing up years. First is if they are getting real value for their money. Second is the acceptability of these purchases, which may be food or drinks, to their kids. Does it appeal to their kid’s palate? Is this something that their kids can appreciate daily? Does it protect them as they explore new things? And, third, is ease of preparation which is something first-time, and often working moms consider,” she noted.

This is where NIDO 3+ comes in and playa a role. With its special ingredient – Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, (which is a unique combination of live active microorganisms) it strengthens the child’s defenses so that mothers can let their kids enjoy and explore the things around them without worrying that much.

In photo: Barbie, Dr. Juadion and brand reps of Nido3+

Nido 3+event

After the sharing and lecture, there was also a screening of NIDO 3+’s “You’re My Number One” music video featuring Barbie with her kids, Stina & Liam as well as Sharon Cuneta and his son, Miguel. But it didn’t end there because folks from Nestle also gave a sneak peek of the campaigns planned for NIDO 3+ this year which includes  the unique feature on their Facebook called “You’re My Number One” Sing-Along Tab. That being said, mothers can consider this as another opportunity to bond with their kids, singing along with the Nido’s well loved song.

With this campaign designed by NIDO 3+, first time mothers need not worry about their kids’ playfulness because of the protection of Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, Prebio 3, and other essential nutrients found in this milk brand. On top of it all, there will always be a parent’s unconditional love.

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