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Fez Gastro Pub has existed at the restaurant row of Serendra for nine years now but somehow I’ve never eaten here. Maybe because they’re tucked away in a corner and does not have the scream-in-your-face location of their competitor Hossein? 🙂

Anyway, I’m glad they invited some of us bloggers to a food tasting and get acquainted with some of the items on the menu. As suggested by its name, Fez is one of the few places in Manila to offer Moroccan cuisine. And the centerpiece is their tagine which I’ve always been curious about because of the interesting container, notably the dome cover…

Beef Tagine at Fez

Moroccan tagine is slow-cooked stew. Think about the local kaldereta, except that this one uses more exotic ingredients like cumin, saffron etc. Fez’ beef tagine was perfectly tender and flavorful. It came with toppings like black olives, mushrooms and chickpeas on a bed of couscous. When it’s served, you’re supposed to mix them all together like bibimbap or Mongolian rice.

The tagine comes with separate colorful containers of condiments…


and here they were when opened. The colorful ones are not candies 🙂


Fez’ deconstructed tagines are either beef (P659), chicken (P606) or a combination of both. They are cooked in limited numbers and each serving is good for two to three persons.

Here’s the rest of what we ate:

The beef & chicken Persian Kebabs (P378) were delightful. Maybe because I’ve always loved kebabs, especially when it’s perfectly grilled! Fez’ version is skewered choice meat sandwiched in between olives, cherry, tomatoes and cucumber. Somehow the basmati rice that the kebab came in was just addicting… its desirable saltiness probably came from the butter that was mixed in there.


The Merguez Pizza (P498) tasted rich and is a must-taste as well. This is described in the menu as having spicy Mergues sausages, ground beef, prunes, apricots, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and topped with mozzarella cheese. The pizza crust was unmistakably thin that the toppings overwhelmed the crust when I tasted it.

Fez pizza

Papadum crisps (P258) were what we ate at the beginning and I couldn’t get over this. They were uber spicy but the right kind of spicy for me. Good thing you can have this in unlimited amounts when you dine at Fez, but prepare to wrestle with your tongue, lol.


Fez Gastro Pub is at the
Serendra Commercial Strip
26th St.Fort Bonifacio

Tel. No. 901-1840

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