Vhong Navarro case: was it organized blackmail?


Because am stuck with my love triangle/booty call-gone-wrong theory on the Vhong Navarro case, a few friends have pointed out to me a probable scenario of what really happened on the night of January 22 when the It’s Showtime actor got mauled inside the rented condo of Deniece Cornejo.

I have to say that my friends’ theory of an “organized blackmail operation” makes sense considering these questions begging to be answered:

1. Based on the CCTV footage released by the NBI, why was there only one or two minutes difference between the time Vhong entered the condo, the moment Deniece got out and Cedric Lee’s group barged into the open door? Did this signify that the latter was really ready to launch an “operation?”

2. Why did Deniece Cornejo give instructions beforehand to the lobby guards of Forbeswood Heights to admit both Vhong Navarro and the group of Cedric Lee?

3. What explains for the Cedric Lee’s numerous companions inside the condo that night which reportedly included a bodybuilder?

4. Something that might be related to the whole Vhong Navarro incident: Do organized syndicates using beautiful young women as bait exist in Manila? After all, everything is possible in this city that never sleeps.

5. If yes, do these groups have other victims who never had the guts to go on national TV?

My friends’ guess is that making one million, two million bucks out of one frightened individual by videotaping him/her to shame is an easy way to make money, less bloodier than kidnapping.

But only if the blackmailed individual takes the bait and gives in.

What is clear is that Vhong Navarro was just looking forward to an exciting booty call that night, but it’s obvious that he got more than a taste of his own medicine and got the nightmare of his life.

And the question: did Deniece and/or Cedric even have a Plan B?

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