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So there’s a list of Manila’s 10 best ramen restos going around, and am bound to believe it because it’s compiled by a Japanese, and second, because the article author Mr. Gaku Nakamura proclaims himself to be a “ramen consultant.”

Considering the number of restos and international ramen franchises sprouting up, this list is surely helpful to help us separate the chaff from the grain. Also, being a ramen consultant, I hope Mr. Nakamura is not biased towards some of his “clients.” πŸ˜‰ I am sure everyone on this list have their own merits and have the word “delicious” written on their bowls. And there’s no harm going back to the good ol’ combination of mami at siopao when your tongue gets immune from all the ramen taste. After all, mami was the original ramen in our memory…di ba? LOL.

Here’s the list:

No. 1 – Ramen Nagi at SM Aura. People are talking about their squid ink ramen called Black King.

No. 2 – Ramen Daisho on Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City. Must order is their miso ramen

Mitsuyado Sei-Men

No. 3 – Mitsuyado Sei-men on Jupiter St, Makati City. In this post, I enjoyed tasting their Double Cheese Tsukemen which is good for kids too!~

Ramen Santouka

No. 4 – Ramen Santouka. It’s a well-known chain in Japan and they now have three branches in the Philippines. I love that they have those ramen set meals and these are value for money.

No. 5 – Ramen Yushoken in Molito Complex, Alabang. I agree with Mr. Nakamura that this is very,very delicious. In fact, I didn’t really care about ramen till I tasted Yushoken, especially their shoyu ramen. I don’t know if the smaller than average bowl was intentional …so you could keep coming back for more!

No. 6 – Hanamaruken in Trinoma Mall. Purportedly the best ramen resto in Quezon City!

No. 7 – Ukokkei Ramen Ron – I agree. Until all the ramen restos multiplied like mushrooms in Manila, foodies were talking about Ukokkei Ramen Ron as if it they found the Holy Grail of Ramen. Frankly, I only ate once at Ukokkei’s Arnaiz branch and never came back. We found nothing special and service was bad.

No. 8 – Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen – specializes in tonkotsu ramen where the broth consists of pork bones and fat cooked for hours..heavy but flavorful.

No. 9 – Kichitora of Tokyo – specializes in chicken-based ramen …. and we still have to try this πŸ™‚

No. 10 – Go-en in Quezon City. Relatively unknown but should be accessible as it is near Quezon Avenue station of the MRT.

So admittedly, am not ramen crazy and I only tasted four restos in the Top 10. I promise to visit more in the list though. Am beginning to get a good sense of all those long lines. It takes a really good bowl of ramen to understand what the craze is all about. An intensely flavorful broth, complemented by all the toppings & fillings, can really turn your world upside down. It really is sometimes better than sex, especially if you’re sweating profusely after slurping the noodles vigorously. If you know what we mean?!? πŸ™‚

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