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Gosh. The snack giant Oishi is almost the same age as me 🙂 It was in 1974 when Oishi Prawn Crackers and Kirei were born. Those two bring back childhood memories but there are so many variants now. Just some of the things I love: Oishi’s Gourmet Picks Potato Chips Kimchi Flavor and Cheese-Soaked Sponge Crunch…heavenly!

To celebrate 40 years of snack food goodness, the brand held a family-type event where they invited celebrities and not-so celebrities like me (haha!) for A Day of O Wow Surprises! Venue was the Skye Lounge on the rooftop of the W Building at the Fort. Only Lucia & me went to the party because the rest of the family wasn’t available. Oh how they missed the fun!

First, there was Daniel Padilla. He was introduced as the latest Oishi Ambassador.It’s funny because my almost four year old daughter is probably the only girl in the Philippines who did not scream at the sight of Daniel. She didn’t recognize him, LOL.

So I said: “Daniel, tanggalin mo naman ang shades mo.”
He said: “Kulang sa tulog tita.” (‘tita’ daw o!)
Gee, Daniel sounds nice. I like him already 🙂

With Daniel

Lucy with Daniel Padilla

It was the absolute kid-friendly event. My daughter was uber-delighted being immersed in the play booths.

Lucia #nofilter

Lucia at Oishi O wow

Even the adults had fun. Here’s another Oishi endorser, funnyman Ramon Bautista.


The football-playing Younghusbands (Phil & James) and their siblings.

Younghusband siblings

The Magalonas.

Magalona siblings

Event hosts Suzy Gamboa & RJ Ledesma posed beside the eyecatching Oishi jeep.

The Oishi jeep

There were fun games but I did not join the teams. It was enough being in Oishi heaven. Look at this store. We were allowed to pick as much as we can of the goodies and stuff it in our loot bags! Everyone went home with smiles on their faces.

Oishi O Wow

But wait there’s more!

You dear readers can actually request Oishi & Team O to spring a surprise anyway you want it. It may be for your school, community, friends or family. Take for example what happened last year: Ramon Bautista, Slater Young and Elmo Magalona disguised themselves as regular passengers of a jeepney. The people inside didn’t know that the jeep was decked out with hidden cameras. Imagine how the cams captured the expressions of shock and delight on the passengers’ faces as they were surprised by Team O.

And just recently, Daniel had his very own O, Wow! Surprise at Culiat High School in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. 50 Daniel Padilla clones spread throughout the covered courts of the school and the students were thrilled with the challenge of identifying the real Daniel!

Got your own surprise ideas? Just send a message to @oishi_tweets and oishi.ph page on Facebook…always use the hashtag #OishiOWow. Your big surprise idea can win you loads of prizes and a chance to work together with Team O!

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