Fastfood: Tropical Hut Sili Burger + KFC Double Down


The past week had me really craving for fastfood. Kinda unusual since I would rather have real carinderia or canteen food than stuff that can be handed to me in two minutes. But I guess if you’re a mom like me, buying Happy Meals with toys can’t be avoided or finishing off the kids’ plates of their leftover Chickenjoy and spaghetti :)

Tropical Hut, an old burger brand in the Philippines, isn’t really in my radar. But I have to admit their poster for their new offering called Sili Burger piqued my interest. At this age, am still a sucker for good ol’ advertising.

The Sili Burger Combo Meal which comes with fries and soda cost P135. It looked quite massive covered in foil.

Sili Burger unclothed. It’s a medium-sized patty that’s topped with cheese, chopped lettuce and tomato. Contrary to what one would expect, there are no sili (pepper) bits. The spiciness comes from the ready-made sauce that’s brownish in color.

The burger given to me was a bit salty and wasn’t really sticking together well. I have to admit it’s different when you’ve already tasted those artisanal & gourmet burgers because stuff like Tropical Hut’s would already be akin to the street burger, Buy One Take One category. Sili Burger is all about spiciness but I wouldn’t even categorize this the best in the fastfood bunch.

However, KFC Double Down rocked it for me (disclaimer: this post isn’t sponsored in any way by KFC) Who can resist a sandwich of two chicken fillet smacked in between with cheese and bacon then smothered with gravy? It was just a Junior Double Down I ordered but my, I enjoyed biting into the breaded fillet …. all chicken goodness and hardly a hint of extenders. Thumbs up to KFC on this one!


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