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Reporting by Angelique Misa

G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI), the mobile commerce arm of Globe Telecom, Inc., is expanding its presence around the country by opening GCash service outlets in all 200 Puregold branches nationwide.

Here some of the facts that you need to know about this new services offered at Puregold.

1. Do I need my GCash card in transacting my GCash services at Puregold??

You don’t need your GCash card to avail of bills payment, cash-in/cash-out, domestic remittance, and international remittance service of GCash at Puregold. You will only need to use your GCash card, GCash Express card, Puregold GCash card, or Powerpay+ card to purchase grocery items at Puregold via POS transactions.

2. How much will be the fees for each GCash services?

Standard/Usual GCash fees would apply for all GCash services transactions at Puregold.

3. How will GCash transactions done at Puregold stores be processed?

Transactions done at Puregold would be processed similarly as to other GCash partner outlets (example: SM Dept Stores, Villarica, etc.).

4. How will I know that the GCash transaction has been processed??

As with all GCash services, 2882 will send notifications for successful GCash transactions.

5. Are there any specific requirements that I need to bring before I can transact any GCash services at any branch of Puregold?

There’s no special handling for Puregold, you may consider it as just an added location/outlet for GCash services, like SM Dept stores, Villarica, etc.

Note:A customer is required to present a valid ID for Cash-in/Cash-out, Send Money (Domestic Remittance), Domestic Remittance Pay-out (Receive Money), and International Remittance transactions at Puregold.?For bills payment, a customer is required to bring his/her valid ID and the billing statement.?

6. Do I need to be registered to GCash before I can transact the GCash services at Puregold??
For Bills Payment – All Puregold customers (regardless if GCash registered or not)?

For Cash-in/Cash-out – All GCash subscribers

For International Remittance Pay-out – All GCash remit beneficiaries

For Domestic Remittance – All GCash subscribers

For POS Payment – All GCash card, GCash express card, Puregold GCash card, and Powerpay+ card holders

7. Will Puregold assist me on my GCash registration or membership if I am not a GCash member??

Yes, Puregold can help you with the GCash registration process.

Step 1: Go to the Customer Service Area at any Puregold outlet near you.Step 2: Ask the Customer Service Representative to assist you in registering to GCash Step 3: Puregold Frontliner will ask you to do the ff:A. Dial *143# for FREE and press call B. Choose GCash, then select RegisterC. Enter Details as required:?• 4-digit MPIN• First Name• Last Name• Address• Email (Optional)

Subscriber will receive an SMS if his/her transaction is successful.?

8. What should I need to bring if I want to pay my bills at Puregold?

You just need to bring one (1) valid ID and billing statement for reference.

Shown in photo at the launch:

Xpress Money, Puregold and Globe (resized)

Mr. Joel Candy, Vice President, Regional Manager for APAC, Xpress Money; Mr. Ed Cobangbang, Country Manager, Philippines, Xpress Money; Mr. Antonio delos Santos, Operations Head, Puregold Price Club Inc.; Ms. Jenny Jacintos, Senior Brand Manager – Non Food, Puregold Price Club Inc.; Mrs. Susan Co, Vice Chairman, Puregold Price Club Inc.; Mr. Vincent Co, Director, Puregold Price Club Inc.; Mr. Bernie Llamzon, Head of Consumer Sales, Globe Telecom; Mr. Paolo Baltao, President, Globe GCash; Ms. Franchette Cardon, Marketing Director, Globe GCash

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