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It was my first time to see Sarah Geronimo in person, and the first time for her to be seen in public with her new short hair. The occasion was the ‘Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure’ event at Greenfield District Park in Mandaluyong where Sarah is the product endorser.

(Gosh. It was also my first time in Greenfield LOL. I didn’t know there was quite an expansive park in this part of the city, at the back of an MRT station. Too bad it was night time and I didn’t take too many pictures.)

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo #sunsilkhairkada

I was excited to see her. Am a closet Sarah G. fan (after watching ‘It Takes a Man & A Woman) and I also love her singing. She has the true beauty of a Filipina which is what I admire, more than the mixed breeds. 😉

In the short program, two other members of the Sunsilk Hairkada were also introduced: Jasmine Curtis-Smith and primetime princess Julia Montes. These young girls looked flawless, and mostly it’s refreshing to see a label where Jasmine’s sister is NOT the endorser (for a change).

Jasmine & Julia

There was a mobile beauty salon at the event but I was late enough to miss it. Sigh. Anyhow, am raring to try Sunsilk’s Smooth & Manageable line of hair care products in the next few weeks.

The pitch: “Sunsilk’s Smooth and Manageable contains 5 natural oils that deeply nourish each strand leaving your hair smooth and fragrant from day to night. So now, hairkadas like Sarah, Jasmine and Julia can stay out under the sun, go to crowded places, even venture out to new locales without worrying about how their hair will look or smell every minute,” says Sunsilk Brand Manager Ann Esteves.

Sunsilk Pink

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to think up of the ultimate #SunsilkHairkada adventure with your best buddies. Am really longing to see sights in some Philippine places that I’ve never been to like Baler, Cagayan Valley, Caramoan.. or maybe revisit Sagada and Batanes in the North or more of those beaches in the Visayas.

What about you? female consumers might just win an all-expenses paid vacation for three by posting their best photos with a Sunsilk bottle and a description of their ultimate Hairkada Adventure. Log on to the Hair Experts fan page in Facebook for more details.

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