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And here now is our 2014 edition of strange names culled from the results of the 2013 bar exams released today, March 18:

The top 3:

1. Habeas M. Corpuz

You couldn’t get more legal than this.Can we presume that the parent of this board passer is a lawyer too? To the layman, habeas corpus is rather technical and is referred in full as the “writ of habeas corpus”. The phrase refers to the court order that allows a person under detention to be brought before a judge or court.

All we can say is: whew! What is your nickname? 🙂

2. Nat King C.Coles

We sure hope new lawyer Nat King Coles sings. After all, “Unforgettable” and “When I Fall in Love” are some of the greatest love songs in history.

Ok, don’t forget “Fly Me To The Moon.” I could melt with the words and the melody 🙂

3. Smith P. General

Arpee said now that Smith is a full-fledged lawyer, he can now be called Attorney General.Right on! hahaha

Anyway, if you’re new to this blog, here are the strangest names Filipino parents have given their kids:

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There are funny Pinoy business names as well

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  1. arpee lazaro says:

    kaya when he takes his oath, they will need to habeas corpus Habeas Corpuz! hehehhe

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