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It was nice to get acquainted last week with the Unilever PureIt water purifier. I’ve always known Unilever as the multinational which produced those ubiquitous beauty and personal care products. It turns out: they’re now into consumer appliances too!

Unilever PureIt

This water purifier which now occupies an important space in our home came right in time because we’ve always bought our water from the neighborhood water refilling station. I guess, for a household decision-maker like me, this has always been the easiest way.

At a suggested retail price of only P5,000, I deem it a worthy investment because it’s certified by no less than the US Environmental Protection Agency as having met microbiological safety norms.

Judging from the number of people who die or suffer from water-borne diseases every year, we know by now that it’s NOT safe to drink tap water in the Philippines (unlike in other countries). But even then, I found out that buying water from mineral water stations is not always the safe option. One, because refilling stations are oftentimes a backyard business. We are not sure if the containers are sanitized , handled adequately by their helpers, or whether they take ‘shortcuts.’ There’s no way to know.

Our old folks, on the other hand, were accustomed to just boiling water. This method may kill the germs but they don’t destroy the chemical contaminants that exist in our water supply.

According to brand manager Brian Duruin, PureIt has a two-step purification process which is made possible by the built-in components of this tabletop device.

Water initially passes through the Germkill Processor that disinfects the water of bacteria, viruses and germs. Then, it passes through the Advanced Microfiber Mesh that filters out visible/invisible dust, dirt particles and metallic impurities. The Carbon Polisher removes pesticides, chlorine and odor from the water.

Step two of the purification process is performed by the Micro-charged Membrane that removes any remaining parasites or bacteria. And so you have an end-product that is clear, fresh and natural-tasting water that’s free from harmful agents, said Mr. Duruin.

Unilever PureIt is initially available in stores like Anson’s & Abenson in Metro Manila, but will be sold in major appliance stores in the country before the year ends.

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