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Had a preview of the new Samsung appliances for the first quarter of 2014 and it’s really drool-worthy (note that am not talking about food here!) Their Smart Oven can make yogurt and cook food without oil. The Front Load Washing Machine can clean clothes even in cold water with the Eco-Bubble Technology. The Smart Air Conditioner has a built-in air purifier and functions you can control with an app on your smartphone.

But my favorite of all is their Food ShowCase Refrigerator. The two-layer door is quite amazing as seen in this photo with Daphne Paez. The outer compartment is for the most-used food products and immediately behind it is the inner layer for stocking more stuff. C-o-o-l, isn’t it?

Daphne Paez with the Refrigerator during the Samsung DA Launch last March 27, 2014

All the appliances share Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology which delivers the most efficient functions at the least cost.

With the Digital Inverter in the new Samsung aircon, for instance, one can expect to consume up to 60% less electricity than conventional air conditioners.

The uniquely triangular design has a wider inlet, wider outlet and a bigger fan to ensure that air is cooled and expelled faster, farther (up to 14m meters) and wider (39% more) – ensuring even air distribution and powerful cooling.

new aircon

The new Front Load Washing Machine is notable for its high Revolution Per Minute (RPM) rate, and being able to perform its work with less noise & less vibration. It has a Stain Away Program which is a pre-programmed cycle designed to deal with the 12 most common types of stains: blood, cocoa, sebum, oatmeal, tea, wine, tomato, pencil lead, mud, makeup, lipstick, and grass.

The latest line of Samsung's Digital Appliances with the new Digital Inverter Technology

The Samsung Smart Oven is definitely a notch higher than a microwave. Some of the awesome things it can do include auto-cooking for pre-programmed recipes, yogurt making, dough proofing, and “Slim Frying”

The “Slim Fry” technology allows you to enjoy your favourite fried food cooked to a crisp without the oil!

Samsung Smart Oven

During the Samsung Digital Appliances luanch, our media group won in the Family Feud type of game and we each won the Smart Oven! Can’t wait to try my hands on this cooker which will surely be a wonderful addition to the kitchen 🙂

Team Online

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